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March 23, 2018

Bubba Watson

Austin, Texas

BUBBA WATSON: It's very difficult. It's one of those things where you have to just accept it. Last year I played Ross Fisher, I think maybe Saturday morning. And he played unbelievable golf. He had like 7 birdies, 8 birdies. And on the back nine made four in a row. I walked home. I just went ahead and went home. I was under par. It wasn't like I played bad, but I went home. It's a different mindset.

Q. Are you playing next week?

Q. Does this format help you in any way going to Augusta?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, yeah, anytime you play golf it helps you, because you're hitting shots. You're trying to create shots. You're trying to get confidence, no matter what sport it is, no matter what business it is, you're trying to get confidence in what you're doing. And obviously advancing through the three days is a big step and giving some confidence and making the birdies on the last holes is a bit of confidence. Not the course itself, but the shots.

Q. Going into those last two holes, what was your mindset like for you?
BUBBA WATSON: My caddie just kept saying, you're in the playoff no matter what. So just go in there and strike a shot. So I hit this baby cut wedge into 17 and we saw them stand up, so I knew it was pretty close. I was hoping his wasn't that close. He hit the lip and missed it. Same on 18. He hit the lip and missed it. What I was doing the last two holes was saying, okay, we've got a playoff, no matter what happens here. If you birdie them, you have a shot at halving the match, if you don't, you have a playoff.

Q. What excited you playing on the weekend in this format?
BUBBA WATSON: If you make the weekend, you've got a top-10. I've got say top-10 no matter what. Top-20 is good, too. You get paid, right?

No, I mean it's fun. Anytime you can advance, that's what we're trying to do and the guys who don't have any points, they're trying to battle to get a point today. You're always trying to increase, no matter what you're doing, you're always trying to battle and improve.

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