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March 23, 2018

Kyle Stanley

Austin, Texas

Q. It's a playoff winner here at the second hole. You have a smile on your face. How would you compare the pressure to being in a playoff format versus when you go out there in the regular first 18 holes?
KYLE STANLEY: It's just kind of a continuation of what you have been doing. You just try to make birdie or pars are pretty good out here. As windy as it was out here today, just try to keep it in front of you. Make a birdie here, that's kind of a bonus.

Q. You talked about the wind. For three days it's switched around, it's gusted, it's laid down. How tricky is it for you guys playing in these conditions?
KYLE STANLEY: It's tough to judge. I have to go back to my caddie Brian. It's difficult. It's swirling. The golf course is kind of difficult to begin with. We try to take our time and middle of the greens are pretty good.

Q. Everybody in this field obviously world class players. Tomorrow morning you will play against Sergio Garcia. From your mentality standpoint, when you are going up against a guy like Sergio, what are you thinking?
KYLE STANLEY: Probably nothing different than what I have been doing. Just play your opponent. Play him and most importantly just keep doing what I've been doing. I'm really happy with how I hit the ball today. It was much better than the first two days.

If I can continue to play the way I played today, it will be a good match.

Q. Did it help that your match with Russell Henley seemed like a playoff all day long?
KYLE STANLEY: I mean, it was kind of a shame that one of us had to lose that match. I mean, I think I shot 4 under. He was probably right around the same. So it was a really good match. The first couple of matches, guys were -- we were winning holes with pars. That wasn't the case today. We both played pretty well. It was nice to get that win. Russell played great as well.

Q. At what point did you know that Paul had lost his match and that someone needed to win between yourself or Russ to get to the playoff against Paul?
KYLE STANLEY: My wife was kind of keeping me updated. She told me on the front nine that I was 2-down to Russ. She told me that Fitzpatrick had maybe a 3-up lead. You kind of keep it in the back of your mind. This format, this golf course, anything can happen. Just keep your head down and kind of go about your business.

Q. Did it also help against Paul that you had to turn around and go -- you had a 10 or 15 break, that was it?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah. It wasn't much. I'm not sure. I think his match probably finished about an hour before mine. I really didn't have to do much. I mean, went and hit a few wedges on the range. Other than that, just try to stay loose. There wasn't much of a break. It was like you were continuing to go.

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