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March 22, 2018

Paul Casey

Austin, Texas

Q. Can you talk about you have had success in this event before. Is it as simple as coming in with good form or is there a secret sauce that you feel like you bring to match play?
PAUL CASEY: I think yes, a little bit of form, but you have got to like the course. You have got to eliminate mistakes and you have got to hole the clutch putts when you need to.

You don't have to be -- it's eliminate mistakes. Exactly what I said. You can hit it all over the place. Sometimes it's very difficult to play against a guy that's spraying it around a bit but then makes the clutch putts. Sometimes that's the worst thing to play against. It's just brain damage. But the form certainly helps.

Q. Can you compare your last two days? Have they been similar?
PAUL CASEY: Pretty polar opposite. Yesterday was some errors, 3-putted the 1st. Some errors you just shouldn't -- I gave a couple of holes away and then got lucky on the last with Russel. His tee shot was a little left, but he got very unlucky clipping the tree and ending up in a hazard and then made a mess of it from there and was gifted that one.

Then today I felt like I had total control of the match. Birdied the first and had my foot down most of the way. And really didn't give him an inch. He made a couple of putts but it was in my control. So total opposite. But then they are both just worth one point.

You need a little bit of luck in this event or it seems like that. I didn't look at Dustin's performance last year. If you have an off day, you need to get that point like I did yesterday. Maybe I've had my luck for the week. Maybe that's a good thing.

Q. One of the complaints I have heard this week about this format is that it can create meaningless matches on Friday if you have been eliminated. I know that's not your situation this year but it has been in the past. Would you agree with that characterization that it's meaningless? Second, what is the mental preparation like when that is your situation?
PAUL CASEY: It's tricky. It's not technically meaningless because obviously we're playing for a lot of money and FedEx points and that matters at the end of the day, and end of the year. But it's frustrating when you know you can't possibly win the golf event. That's what we're -- we don't -- none of us turn up here to gain some points. It's to try and win an event. Maybe there are some boys that turn up to get some points, I don't know. But it's not me.

How do you gear yourself up for that if you are in a meaningless match? Maybe you focus on the money and the points. So I'm contradicting myself.

Q. Is there something that's different about that situation versus on a stroke play event when you are clearly are out of contention but you come play? Is there something worse about it somehow?
PAUL CASEY: I think there's a glimmer of hope even on a Sunday, I like to think. Again, you can get stuck down. If you had a couple of losses, you know the best place you finish even if you win your match technically would be down the list.

At least on a Sunday you go out there and blitz -- I've had Sundays where I have been first out -- I remember one year in Switzerland, I went out first twosome, one guy in front of us, I shot 64. The wind picked up, I finished Top-10. I won a watch for low round of the week and I got a kiss from Cindy Crawford because she presented it. It was a great Sunday. See, there's always something to come out of a Sunday. That's true.

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