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March 21, 2018

Bubba Watson

Austin, Texas

Q. Congratulations on the win, although give Branden some credit for extending that 15th hole?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it was nice. Making the putts early. My practice round stopped at No. 7. It was nice to get out and play these other holes. It was getting to see them obviously gave me the advantage having the big lead. I got to check out the holes more on some of them.

No, he played good golf. It wasn't like he played bad and I beat him. He played great golf. He was 2-under par, I think, no bogeys. I just made the key putts on the front nine.

Q. You also made some nice recoveries, like on 12 your tee shot was left there, you made a great shot to put it in front of the green.
BUBBA WATSON: Yes, but lost the hole, though. It was an easy shot. I could have got relief from the grandstand, just because I couldn't see the flag. I was playing to the front of the green, side over there. So it was an easy shot. Any pro could have done that.

Q. You mentioned seeing the extra holes today because of the practice rounds. Is that why you were putting some putts that were even conceded for you, so you could see the greens?
BUBBA WATSON: No, we're trying to get in the flow. Even when I won holes on the first couple of holes, he putted, because you're trying to get into the flow.

This is a goofy way to play golf. You want to get in the flow of golf and you want to hit the shots. It's kind of like when you're playing alternate shot. You're always trying to get the momentum and get in the flow of the game of golf.

Q. It must have been a good day's work on the course?
BUBBA WATSON: Yea, when you make putts, look at what McIlroy did last week. When you putt like that you have a chance to win a golf tournament.

So today the golf tournament was one day, one player I had to beat. Today I made the putts. Tomorrow he'll make the putts and maybe have a chance to win his match.

So it was just today it was going my way. The greens were on my side.

Q. You defined it sometimes as a goofy way to play but it's still intense. Is it enjoyable?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, definitely enjoyable. It's man-on-man, you know. So today he was under par on the front 9 and he shot 1-under and I shot 7-under. It's one of the things that it went my way on the front. With that kind of a lead it's hard to come back from that. He was fighting hard. And I had a big enough lead where it went my way.

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