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March 21, 2018

Paul Casey

Austin, Texas

Q. It doesn't make any difference how you do it. You never led in this match until the final hole and you win 1-up. It's the joys of match play, isn't it?
PAUL CASEY: You never need to be up until the end. It was a very close match. Making the obvious statement.

It felt a bit flat. Nobody threw anything to the opponent. I feel a bit guilty to walk away with that one. But then again, I had made mistakes. It is what it is. Very, very happy to get the win.

Q. Tell us about this 18th hole. We have seen so many guys struggle with this thing. You have got a couple options off the tee. Obviously you drove it down just short of the green. It paid off for you here. What are the challenges of 18?
PAUL CASEY: As I said in a press conference earlier this week, it's like three feet here and you are a perfect shot, and three feet there and you are a disaster. Russel just highlighted that.

I have got Scotty Vail on the bag this week and Scotty and I talked about it. You have got to miss this one right off the tee with today's pin positions. We watched some previous groups. Watched Steele and Hoffman come through here. I thought Steele had a very difficult shot from just short left.

Russell's ball was heading left but then it hit the tree and hit in the hazard. That's just plain luck. But if it hadn't, he still would have had a slightly awkward shot and maybe I would have had a slight advantage.

That's this golf course. It's very small margin for error. You get results like you are seeing today, close matches and you can't predict hem.

Q. I suppose the most important thing is winning the last hole to go 1-up. Tell us about that journey.
PAUL CASEY: Wasn't very pretty. We both missed a lot of chances. I gave a couple of holes away. I felt a bit flat, really. Probably just a bit tired from all the travel. But happy to get the win. I got lucky on the last. I hit a good tee shot and Russel just -- as I said earlier this week, it's three feet either way and it's elation or disaster. He clipped the tree and it threw him into the hazard. From there he was kind of in an impossible spot. I feel guilty but very happy.

Q. You have won a match. If you lost it, it would be a different story. You can pick up from here, can't you?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you can. But this format, you can get away with a bit of error the first match and still squeeze through. Though I have won the first, and I'm in a strong position for my group, I have got a crack on it. I have got two tough matches, the match behind is the -- my opponents for the rest of the way, Kyle Stanley and Fitzpatrick. I'm seeing some good golf, so I need to step it up a little.

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