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March 11, 2018

Paul Casey

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. You told us on Friday you needed to putt better on the weekend. How rewarding was today on the greens?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, can't explain it. Really rewarding. Just the cleanups. The cleanup on 16, 17 and 18, fantastic. I have not done that in a long time and that's the difference. That's what I need to do. The ball-striking has always been strong part of my game but very, very satisfying, very rewarding.

Q. You just played it. These guys are about to. How difficult is the closing stretch here and how do you think 10 will hold up?
PAUL CASEY: I had 11 in my mind so I'm optimistic but not -- yeah, I think I'll get matched, maybe even beaten but I'll cross my fingers. I messed up the closing stretch yesterday. I got bitten in the Snake Pit yesterday.

Hit it in the water twice, or at least once on 16 yesterday. Anything can happen but then birdies can be made as well. You hit those fairways, greens are more receptive. Whatever happens yesterday, a little bit of rain overnight the greens are receptive. Guys can make birdies. We'll see.

Q. Okay. See what a super 65 on Sunday. You've got to be just tickled. Not sure if it will be enough.
Did you have a number in mind today?

PAUL CASEY: My infamous coach, Peter Kostis, said 63 will do it. 63 would have done it. He's probably right. I'm ecstatic with that.

The reason I'm happy, the way I cleaned up. I putted brilliantly, the thing has been holding me back for a couple seasons.

Really good to hole the putts, 16, 17 and 18. It's been a long time since I've holed three pressure putts like that in a row. I'm ecstatic about it.

Q. We'll have to wait and see a result. You've got to be feeling awesome.
PAUL CASEY: I feel great. Really do. You know, my schedule has changed as well. I'm not playing Bay Hill. I had a friend died this Saturday night of last week in Mexico so I've had a black ribbon on the bag for her. Also, Malcolm, one of the long time caddies as well, Sam Torrance's caddy. Wanted to play great for multiple reasons.

I'll have Match Play. This will be -- if we get a chance today, maybe a playoff, if that happens it will be awesome to win not only for myself but for others.

Q. How was it having a good day putting on Sunday?
PAUL CASEY: Very rewarding to have a good putting Sunday. It's the thing that's been holding me back and the frustrating thing for a couple of years.

Although they weren't long putts the putts on all three, par putts on 16, 17 and 18 were tricky little things, right to left, dead straight and then left to right.

I sent them all beautifully, right line and speed. I haven't done that in an awful long time. Didn't feel like I missed any opportunities last season for wins because I purely didn't putt good enough, no strokes gained on the weekend. 21 putts today. Whatever happens today I can definitely win golf events if I putt like that again.

Q. Can you run us through what happened on 17?
PAUL CASEY: You'll have to ask Johnny. For some reason he gave me 206 -- his ears will be burning. 206 pin or something, land it 180. I can't figure out how he got 26 yards between the front and the pin. We figured it out.

It was the right club. Although I hit it, it was the right club. We corrected it. It wasn't an error in the end. It was all good.

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