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March 9, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Palm Harbor, Florida

JORDAN SPIETH: So, I just got way off in my iron play. You know, the putting not really improving, either from last week. You know, I've been striking the ball well enough, I almost couldn't shoot over par with the way I'm striking it.

I had a really bad ball-striking day yesterday. I hit it a lot better today. Just trying to get all comfort levels.

Everything right now is based on how I feel and the set-up. The actual commitment and all that stuff is fine. It's just, you know, when I get on the greens right now it's just trying to figure out what's different right now from in the past on how I'm looking down and seeing my lines because I'm seeing -- when I look up I'm looking up right of where my putter is actually pointed and therefore there's just not much of a commitment and therefore a consistency.

Q. Is that how you're feeling day-to-day?
JORDAN SPIETH: I made a lot of progress. These past two weeks I took a step back, unfortunately, is the feeling right now. Again, like it's one of these things I talked to Cameron for a long time, one of these things where when I get -- when I start looking where my putter is pointed and they matchup, it's just like this (indicating).

You saw it at the British. I was all over the final round. I had one putt and I rallied them off. I don't want it to be streaky, I'd rather it be consistent.

But the good news is my confidence can flip into a pretty elite level once that kind of clicks and I've just been searching for that. That's all it is.

Didn't really have any practice last week. I wasn't able to nail in what I had at Riviera unless I putted even worse. There's only so much you can do indoors, 37 and rain everyday.

Not that that is much of an excuse because we get that a lot of years. I'm looking forward to this week, having good weather leading into -- which is forecasted in Dallas leading into Match Play event where you can be more aggressive and test that out and then you know, get ready for Augusta.

Q. What are you so concerned with?
JORDAN SPIETH: I missed the cut twice the week before Augusta and had a chance to win on Sunday. I missed the cut next week -- certainly you want to see progress and some low rounds but I've been shooting 4, 5-under in regular rounds that I'm playing in Pro-Ams, rounds at home, that's the kind of stuff that I was looking to try and get and I have been doing that over the past like three, four weeks that I didn't get in December, January.

So, I know that it's close. You know, I've been saying that and I'm not performing on what I'm saying yet but I really do believe that's just something that, you know, I just got to match my eyes up.

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