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February 8, 2018

Kevin Streelman

Pebble Beach, California

Q. 7-under start here at Spyglass. Usually one of the tougher courses on this rotation. What worked so well for you out there today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: You know, I just seem to play this golf course well. I have really had some nice rounds out here over the years. The weather is just incredible. Great group. Larry and Aaron are just great guys and it's always fun to see Jerry out here and I just putted really nicely. Getting out first was nice, the wind wasn't really anything and drove it nicely, put it on the greens and made a lot of putts.

Q. Does this format give you a chance, even though it's going to be a little bit longer rounds, it's a little bit more relaxed so you cannot maybe concerned so much with what's going on you can maybe have a little fun with your partner?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, you're exactly right, it's a lot of fun, to be honest. I love talking with -- you're talking with some of the best people in the world at what they do and they just want to talk golf, but a lot of us want to talk football or basketball or baseball or business. It's just fun to meet some of these people. So Larry and I have been good friends for awhile and members at Whisper Rock up in Scottsdale together. I love taking his money more than anybody on their off weeks. But he is a gentleman and great for the game of football and I just love spending time with him.

Q. Looking to Monterey Peninsula tomorrow, if the weather is the same, do you feel like you can go out there and have good round?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I love that course as well. It's going to be a beautiful day. Just going to enjoy the walk. We're going to be later, won't get to play quite as fast. We got to play nice and fast being the first group, so it will be a little later in the day, but this type of weather, it's hard to not enjoy this walk around Monterey Peninsula.

Q. I don't care how easy the course is playing, I don't care what the weather is, I don't care how little the wind is blowing, you shoot 65 at Spyglass Hill, you've had one heck of a day.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, it was, like you said, you nailed it, it was just beautiful weather. Really enjoyed the walk with Aaron and Larry and Jerry, just some really good guys. Putted really nicely. Put the ball where I know you kind of need to around this golf course. You have some very fast putts and some very slow putts, but for the most part was able to get it relatively close and really rolled the ball nicely today.

Q. And you finished things off with a birdie, birdie finish.
KEVIN STREELMAN: That always makes lunch taste a little better.

Q. So what's Aaron Rodgers game look like? You mentioned him playing with Jerry Kelly today.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, Aaron, what a gentleman. He was fun to play with. Me being a life-long Bears fan, I was a little hesitant at first to buddy up to him too much. But, no, I told him I respect the heck out of him and he's destroyed my Bears for the last 12 years out there and he's obviously one of the best ever.

Q. Tell me about your thoughts on the rest of the week going over to Monterey Peninsula and Spyglass still ahead.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, sure, tomorrow it looks like we're going to have similar weather, not a ton of wind, and greens over there, you're going to have to just stay patient. They're beautiful but there's a lot of poa annua and you get some bumps. And so I'm just going to keep trying to hit fairways, hit the ball close and really work on your speed on your birdie putts, try and keep them nice and close to the hole and just try and keep it rolling. Did you feel like you had this?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I've been hitting the ball beautifully. My stats are really probably the highest they have ever been throughout the game, really except for the putting. So Andrew Getson and I we have been working relentlessly ever since the start of the season on my putting and finally getting some really good visual, seeing the ball go in, how I want it to go in the hole versus just like thinking left edge, like actually getting into the putt and seeing how you want it to roll in the hole. Just a little different mental mindset. Obviously it doesn't work every day, but it did today and just keep it going on the weekend.

Q. Is there something specific? The visual, is there something specific?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I would say it's more -- I went to the Scotty Cameron studio at Torrey Pines week and got in there with Paul Vizanko and he's big on just on posture and getting in like the Tiger posture and really good fundamentals where everything is neutral. So I know my posture and my stroke's been really good, but I think the way I've been mentally visualizing it going in the hole has been a little bit skewed. So all we have done is clean that up a little bit and I couldn't have rolled it better today. It was just one of those days it felt great and hopefully I can keep it going through out the weekend.

Q. How much fun is it to have, to play like you did today, playing with Larry Fitzgerald, you got Jerry and Aaron Rogers there playing with you. I mean does it really get that much better than that?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's a round I'll remember, just because we played in under five hours in this event, we had a perfect day weather wise, we were the first group out. Like it was just really enjoyable. They're such great guys. And immediately -- I'm from Chicago, life-long Bears fan and so I said Aaron, I respect the heck out of you, but you've been beating the crap out of my Bears for 12 years. So we got off to a fun start and we just -- it's just fun hanging out and meeting these guys. They are at the top of their sport and they just love golf so much, they really follow us and it's just a neat week and you make some nice relationships.

Q. It seems like this event has always had a big Hollywood influence, but it tilted a little towards other sports in the last five, 10 years. Justin Verlander, is out here, these two guys, Alex Smith. Why do you think that is? Is there a kinship --
KEVIN STREELMAN: They probably kind of talk to each other at the Tahoe event or the one they just had in Florida and this is like the holy grail for those guys to get the invite to this one. So they kind of hear about it and then see if they can get in. Steve John does such a good job with the event and getting everybody access and do it right and it's great for television and it's great for the fans.

Q. What do you think as a TOUR pro on what translates from football to golf, obviously they're not great golfers but there's something obviously out there?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I just see their passion. Larry plays more golf than I do. He loves it. He absolutely loves it.

Q. You play with him in Arizona?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, we're both members at Whisper Rock so we play a fair amount there. And we play, I mean in two and a half hours, super fast, jump in and.

Q. Yeah, he doesn't contemplate much, does he?
KEVIN STREELMAN: No, see it, hit it, find it. And he's only been playing for like four or five years so it's remarkable how well he's taken to it. But as these guys get older and they start thinking about retirement and stuff, they need something to keep those competitive juices going and talk trash and maybe play for a dollar or something.

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