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January 7, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. Assess your week.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, just need some short game and some putting tightening up. Just got to get comfortable with both. Not short game, but wedge control and putting. And other than that everything's pretty good for being the first week back.

Q. Obviously D.J.'s way out in front. If he keeps this sort of thing up next year, what does it take to catch him?
JORDAN SPIETH: Just short game tightening and some better putting. In all seriousness I think if I had my A-game, I think I could take him on. But in order to have my A-game, I need to sharpen those things up. He seems to be firing on all cylinders, obviously. And I just made too many mistakes on the easy holes this week and got destroyed by him on those holes.

Q. What is the challenge of trying to -- when he has the lead, or anybody has the lead, trying to go up against him and beat him?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think more of an opportunity than a challenge. But I guess the most difficult part is, I guess, trying to stay within your own game, not play off his. Just when I'm playing well, if I'm focusing on my things and me versus the golf course. That's the best opportunity to capitalize.

Q. Your thoughts of the 59 from last year with Justin. Just give us some recollect of that.
JORDAN SPIETH: I remember getting pretty excited, five, six holes left. Normally the watch comes on around then. A lot of people like to call 59 watch through eight, nine holes. But when you keep it going through 12, 13 holes, that's when it's real. He needed to eagle the last. He hit it in the lip of a bunker and hit just an incredible shot out. And then it's very difficult to make those putts under that kind of pressure when it really doesn't -- it's not like to win a tournament where -- I have never been in that situation, but I imagine just off of other low rounds that I've been able to shoot, when you start to feel kind of a pressure of how good can this be or is this -- you're almost a little disappointed if you don't, like if he were not to make that putt, even though it's a 60. So I think to kind of throw that out of his mind and free himself up to knock that left-to-right slider in on 18 was really special.

Q. Given you guys talk a lot during the round, did you have to not sort of mention it?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. It was kind of like a pitcher throwing a no-hitter or a perfect game. You just kind of talk about anything else other than the round. I'm not out there going, hey, JT you're on 59 watch with five holes left. So, yeah, it was really cool. It was interesting getting done and I was like I think at least a stroke better tee to green in strokes gained that day than JT, and he just -- I mean he ran everything in. So for me, I think I shot like 65 and it was really frustrating, because I was inside him all day and I'm getting smoked. But it was one of those, when that happens, you go straight to the putting green and say, this is obviously what can be if I get this dialed in.

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