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October 1, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. Seeing Daniel Berger clinch --
JORDAN SPIETH: It was exciting to see and turned my mood around from being down to obviously being excited for the team. We played so great this week as a team. We turned a lot of matches around late.

Q. Bigger picture, you have some momentum for United States golf, two big wins now in international competition. You must take a great sense of pride in that.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, three in a row, which is awesome. We've got a really good, young squad here this week that I think we're pretty content on continuing to be a part of these team events going forward.

I mean, guys that are under 30 years old, quite a number of them that we can take maybe to Paris next year and go on to their soil and win, which we haven't done in a Ryder Cup in a long time.

We're thinking about that. There's quite a few of us that are thinking about that as we go into this week, especially after yesterday, when it was such a dominating day where we kind of knew the inevitable was going to happen today. You start to kind of look forward and wonder where this momentum could take us. I think it could do a lot for us this week, just knowing this camaraderie between these young guys.

Q. How about Captain Stricker, do you see him going forward in both Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup competition as your leader?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, he starts to cry every time he talks to the team, but other than that, when he gets his message through, it's pretty good.

Yeah, he and his assistants he had around were fantastic this week. They put us in a position that we knew we could succeed. They had a very good game plan on where Strick was going to be as Captain to help us on par 3s, as well as which assistants were going to go with which guys in the match kind of personality-wise and made everybody feel very comfortable.

Their plan is very underrated this week. We get a lot of the credit as players, but they put us in position to do what we love to do.

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