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September 30, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Patrick Reed

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. You've played together 12 times now and only lost once. How much did 12 fire you up today?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was just -- it's a bad rule. We all agrees. The Internationals wanted to concede the 13th hole. They felt so bad, even though I was a good 12-, 15-foot feet away from the hole. They handled it so well. Obviously we were trying to do the right thing; a rule's a rule.

We wanted to play on, and it was unfortunate, but yeah, I was fired up. I hit my next putt on the next hole about eight feet by, really trying to throw it down the throat. Fortunately we both were able to come through and ham-and-egg it nicely coming in and make a comeback.

Q. You get so jacked up during these competitions. How do you calm yourself down and play excellent golf in these team competitions?
PATRICK REED: It's easy with this guy because he kind of pulls you back down and just kind of -- when I'm out there, I let my emotions on my sleeve, and when I get to high, he's like, "All right, hey, the match isn't over." When I get too low, he's there to be like, "All right, hit a quality golf shot. Let's two good looks at birdies." He's able to just kind of talk me through it and it just seems to work.

Q. You can only control yourselves when you're out there but collectively as a team, did you, A, realize that you could clinch the Cup today, and how much are you looking at leaderboards and score boards as you make your way around the course to see what color flag is winning?
JORDAN SPIETH: It got tough this afternoon to see because the crowds got so big. In the morning it was so early, we could see all the boards and we were watching shot by shot what the guys were doing.

We knew at lunch we could sweep or get 3 1/2 I think and win the Cup today. You know, we're all trying to out there and play solid golf, represent ourselves, the people around us the right way. Whatever happens, happens. It's really an outstanding tournament with 24 fantastic players and fantastic people. We've had a phenomenal week thus far and our team has played incredible golf. We've played these last six holes as a team unbelievably well and that's why we're ahead.

Q. Steve Stricker said you guys wanted to win every session. You've been down, and somehow, some way, you find a way to do it. How do you guys keep doing it late in the day?
JORDAN SPIETH: Home crowds I think really help pick you up when you're down. We just really hit quality shots and made great putts on these last seven holes of this tournament.

Really, 12 through 18, our team has just dominated and that's been the difference because it's been pretty tight before that. So how -- yeah, you've got to give it to the home crowd for egging us on when we're down and turning some of these matches down and obviously continuing to help those that are leading close their matches out.

Q. You guys seem to hit the right shot at the right time. It's a partnership that came out of nowhere, too. Back in the day it wasn't even one that was supposed to happen.
PATRICK REED: Back whenever, Captain Watson, he decided to throw us out. He's like, the two of us are going out. I've played golf with Jordan a ton, so I'm comfortable going out there and playing. I thought it was a good idea and he thought it was a good idea, as well.

For some reason, it just works. We go out, we mesh, and it seems like I always seem to get off to the hot start and he just kind of picks up the rest of the way and I usually finish pretty strong.

It's always nice to have a guy who you don't really ever have to worry about, because he's always in the fairway, always on the green and always making putts.

Q. Talk to us about this ruling on 12. Strange one. Seemed like nobody knew what was going on.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, Jason was in with birdie. Louis ran his eagle putt from off the green past, and the crowd was all cheering for it to continue to go down the slope. I thought that was a little excessive, so I just tried to pick it up so we could just -- and then be quiet and we could go on with the rest of the hole. You know, and I think they would have done the same thing.

Q. You had the opportunity to win this today. Has that been on your mind? Was that something as a team that you thought about coming into the afternoon?
PATRICK REED: Oh, for sure. The biggest thing was, you know, what Captain always says, "Just go out and win each session."

You know, that's all we've been trying to do, but whenever we had that opportunity to get it done today -- I know all the guys were thinking about going out and closing out their matches to see if we could close it out today.

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