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September 29, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Patrick Reed

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. The two of you together in a brief partnership have done some remarkable things. Considering where you came from today, is a half-point something you can tolerate? I know you're used to winning.
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, with four holes to go, absolutely, we'd probably have signed off for a half-point. But the chances on the last couple holes, we had other sights.

Patrick got us going on 15 with just a phenomenal putt that I was able to follow up on the next, but we really played poorly on the front nine. We needed something to get going and we provided it on the back.

Q. Is a comeback almost better than a runaway?
PATRICK REED: Never. A comeback means you have to play more holes and you're trying to get a halve. A runaway is always nice because that means you're playing some really solid golf.

Q. A few holes to go, surely, you would have accepted half a point but you turned it right around at the end and you had a chance to win at the end. Are you disappointed?
PATRICK REED: Of course. Any time you halve or don't win the match, it doesn't sit right. We didn't really play very well on the front nine and we dug ourselves a hole. We were able to claw back on the back nine, and to get it within one after 15, and then Jordan making a great putt and birdie on 16, to sit there, we felt like we had all the momentum going on the last two. We played the holes well. Just didn't quite get it done.

Q. I looked at that putt, when you had it for the win and I was standing right behind, that looked in all day.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it was. I think if I hit the exact same putt again, it just wore the hole out enough that it would fall this time. It was one of those, I felt really good on. I felt good about Patrick's chip. We were both laughing when we were looking at Patrick's chip because he's built for those moment. Both just didn't quite go in.

We had quite a few lipouts today and just didn't get off to a good start. It is what it is and we are both really looking forward to tomorrow to try to get back at it.

Q. 45 minutes ago, you were two down with four to play and now you're walking away disappointed you didn't win the match. Tell me about the putt at 18 because I think you hit the putt you wanted.
JORDAN SPIETH: I did, yeah. We read it to be just outside the hole right and just let it cast down. It is a dream putt for me. I love that range and I love that kind of putt. With about three feet to go, I thought I just needed to see a little bit of straighten in it for it to go right in the middle and it just held on that left side and just took a dirty lipout. It had the right pace on it. Thought it would go in. Unlucky.

Q. I know you were frustrated at 13 and 14, finally you ignited the rally with that birdie putt at 15?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, feel like I hit the ball pretty solid for most of the day. Just didn't quite get anything out of it. You know, to hit a pretty good iron shot in there at 13 and feel like I hit a good putt, just hit it a little too firm, and 14, felt like I hit another good putt. Just under-read the break. I know if I kept giving myself those opportunities, I would have a chance of making one.

I knew if I made one, it would jump-start this guy and he would just go on a tear. You know, making that one on 15 and that iron shot he hit on 16 was amazing.

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