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September 3, 2017

Paul Casey

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. Can you talk about conditions first and foremost? You seemed to finish in some of the worst of it.
PAUL CASEY: For the last five minutes there, I was hoping we would finish. Adam Hadwin came up to me walking over the bridge on 18, he was joking, but he goes, "PC, I just don't think -- it's too dark. I don't think I want to finish."

I said, "Perfect, I'll hand my card to Johnny Rahm and I'll tap-in and he can sign it. When I'm in bed at 7:00 in the morning, you can be finishing off out here."

That was bizarre. It was really strange. I'm glad we got done. It was tough. But the scores, again, were great. I think is sets up -- with the rain we had, it probably sets up for a complete shootout tomorrow with a soft golf course, which could be fun.

Q. Good spot last year. Is your position just as good this year?
PAUL CASEY: I think it's better.

Q. Even though you're not leading?
PAUL CASEY: Even though I'm not leading but I feel bet better my golf game. I guess pros and cons: The cons are I've got way more talent around the leaderboard than there was last year. I know Rory won. It just looks like depth up the top of that leaderboard right now.

I need to go and actually look at it but we've got special, we've got Thomas -- who is in the final group? Leishman? Thank you. Rahm is right behind me, Dustin Johnson. So more talent.

Tomorrow will be twosomes. Last year was threesomes. Last year the weather was awkward and you just couldn't get a run going. Tomorrow is meant to be perfect and 80 degrees; I'd prefer tomorrow's scenario.

Q. Your run in the Playoffs going back to The TOUR Championship last year --
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, they have thrown out some stats. I saw an e-mail come through today with a whole big 100-page PDF of how many birdies and how-many-under-par in Playoffs and stuff. It's good. But I -- yeah, it needs wins.

I can't do what I did last year throwing in a couple of second-place finishes and probably sneaking into the top five like last year. I'm too far behind guys like Dustin. So I need a win tomorrow or a win at BMW.

Q. What is it about this time of year that brings out the best in you?
PAUL CASEY: I don't know. The end of the season is near. There's light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know. I like the fact there's a conclusion, I really do. Like the fact that we're -- I do like the volatility. I like the fact you can move up and there's something -- there is genuinely something to play for.

Guys, you know, you hear it again, people say, well, it's a little convoluted, but I like the fact that we kind of can figure it out. Sometimes we need some help to figure out the mathematics. I think it's cool. It keeps the interest.

Everybody plays every week it seems coming into it. It's cool. And it's funny because it's not like my season finishes because we all go off and we play stuff in the fall and we keep going. I don't know. I'm fully warmed up. It takes me a long time, clearly, to get my game in shape, nine months to get going.

Q. Was it always that way, in 2007, were you as focused as maybe you are now?
PAUL CASEY: My first visit to TOUR Championship was 2010, I believe. It's an interesting thing, I had an outside chance. If I finished second at THE TOUR Championship, I would have won. It's the year Furyk won. Tough to know what I was thinking at the time. It's certainly something that grabs guys' attention, the multi-year exemption. It would be security for myself and the family.

Yeah, there's a lot of pros to it. It certainly has my attention now and that's all that matters.

Q. You mentioned it might be a shootout --
PAUL CASEY: I like the fact that I've had some good finishes recently but I feel like I was in a position where I couldn't necessarily make a mistake. Maybe too far back.

Tomorrow only being one back, I've got a little bit more room for, margin for error. So I like that -- I don't think the game plan changes. The last two rounds have been solid, lots of birdies. Yesterday was eight birdies. Today I'm not sure how many. I need to putt well. I think that's been the common thread between everybody who has been lifting trophies recently and the reason I'm over my first round compared to the second and third rounds this week. Purely putting; 25 putts yesterday. I'm not sure how many today. Game plan doesn't change. Just hole putts.

Q. Is it easier to put last year behind --
PAUL CASEY: It was an awkward one. I played with Brian Harman hand and I think Smiley Kaufmann, and I think all three of us struggled at the beginning. Got a little behind on time. The conditions were stuff. It's just one of those, yeah, it was just a struggle all day. You know, proud that I gave myself kind of an outside chance the last couple of holes but it was just too much to do.

Yeah, obviously I couldn't recall feelings and how it went down but it doesn't bother me. You know, contrary; I'm actually really excited about tomorrow.

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