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September 2, 2017

Paul Casey

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. How do you feel about your position going into the weekend?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I like it. I think I like it because there's light at the end of the tunnel and you can see a conclusion now to the end of the season. Certainly East Lake, not to get ahead, that's one where I really enjoy playing, so it's nice to know that I'm already guaranteed to go all the way through to that.

I feel like some unfinished business around this place after last year, but it's a cracking leaderboard. It's not going to be any easier; probably more difficult than last year. I like it. Game is in good form. Yeah, everything's falling into place.

Q. What was the key to your 65 today?
PAUL CASEY: Putting for sure. Ball-striking was very good. I left myself a lot of relatively easy putts, uphill putts. Straighter putts, as well, which is difficult around here. But I was just informed, 25 putts for the day, so it was good stuff.

And the putter bailed me out. It wasn't just the birdies late in the round. I got off to a bad start. Had a flyer on 10 over the green, bogeyed there.

Scrambled to make par on 11.

Scrambled to make par on 12.

So the putter was key in those scrambles early on, and then obviously then you're not bogged down being too far over par. I was able to turn it into a really good round of golf. Happy.

Q. What is it about this track?
PAUL CASEY: It's a cool track. I think you've got to move the ball around a little bit. There's some trees that get in the way. The greens are tiny little areas to hit. My iron play is always strong, one of the better guys on TOUR when it comes to proximity to the hole. It's cool, plus a Boston crowd, and Johnny has been wearing his Patriots socks, so we have most of the crowd on our side, which helps.

Q. How much more gettable was it today compared to yesterday?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, greens were soft and impeccable consistency for good roll.

Yesterday they really chewed up. They didn't look like bentgrass yesterday when we finished. They looked more like a poa the way there were heel prints and footprints and spike marks. So without question, it's been, I would say, looking at the scores, easier for guys teeing off in the morning. I think you could say the same with yesterday, even though it was very cold and blustery yesterday. Easier conditions for on the greens for guys in the morning. So we'll see if that still carries on through Sunday and Monday, because you might end up with just everybody getting bunched together if that's the case.

Q. About 12 months ago -- could you compare the first two rounds --
PAUL CASEY: I can't remember, Bernie. I have no clue. All I remember is Monday was tough. It blew and we played threesomes, I don't know why. Why did we play threesomes --

Q. The hurricane.
PAUL CASEY: Okay. Let's not talk about hurricanes.

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