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September 2, 2017

Kevin Streelman

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. All the birdies you made, you were a birdie machine out there. What was the difference for you today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: The putter was really hot today, which I was happy being the last of the wave. The greens tend to not be super -- they really held up well. Just kind of found something before I was getting started today and kept my shoulders a little more square. I think I was just backing up a touch and kind of deflecting across the putts and just felt like I could release the putter again and just started rolling everything. It was awesome.

Q. You caught the wind, too, on 7, a really helping green and you were so close to making the green.
KEVIN STREELMAN: It wasn't helping that much; but two great shots. I only hit 5-wood in there, which I think is a first for me. We're going to have some weather to deal with tomorrow, and you know, it's going to be a fairways and greens type of weekend.

Q. Let's talk about, so much on the line here in the Playoffs. You came into the week 90th and after this round, you're projected into the top 30. A lot of ways still to go but you have to feel good about where you put yourself?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Absolutely. That's all I can do. I have really nothing to lose. I'm from Chicago. Obviously I would love to get to Conway and see some of my buddies. It would mean a lot for me to get there.

But obviously this is a big tournament where if you can have a nice finish, you can get yourself into position to get to East Lake, and that's the No. 1 goal to start the season.

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