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August 26, 2017

Paul Casey

Old Westbury, New York

Q. You said the longer you got into this tournament, the more you felt comfortable around this golf course. Obviously it showed with a 66 today.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it did. I am feeling more comfortable with the golf course. I got a lesson this morning, from Peter Kostis on the range, my coach. He just flat-out told me, he goes, "You're standing too far away from the golf ball."

I said, "After I hit it or before I hit it?" So moved in a little bit closer. Almost as much as a ball width closer to it. You know, I guess that steepens up the shoulder plane, various other things it does. Struck it really well today. So I continue to do everything well but that was really the key to shooting the 66 today.

Q. I know you've talked about it a lot and you get asked about it a lot but you put yourself in position to win again. What is the thing you feel that's going to be the difference for you to finally get one done here?
PAUL CASEY: If we can get rid of Dustin and Jordan at the top of the leaderboard (laughing).

You know, because I mean, I guess I've put myself up there a lot. I'm not sure I've had as many chances as I would have liked. I mean, genuine sort of tied-for-the-lead, going-into-final-round-type stuff, but there or thereabouts. I guess there's still chances.

But I look there and I've got two of the toughest guys in the world of golf right now ahead of me. And there are others. There's Hideki and Rory when he's on form and Justin Thomas. These are two guys who, you know, Player of the Year is not yet decided. I'd probably vote for Justin Thomas right now but it's not yet decided. It might be one of these two guys and I've got to try to beat both of them tomorrow.

So I need to play something extra special. I need them to falter and I don't know what that extra little thing is to get me over the line but hopefully we'll have the conversation and I can tell you tomorrow.

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