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August 25, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Old Westbury, New York

Q. What was the difference on the greens today compared to yesterday?
JORDAN SPIETH: Put in a little work, an early session before my warmup session today. Just was messing around a little with alignment and ball position. And I've been trying to figure out my alignment for awhile and I just kind of threw it out the window and said we're just going to go speed. If you pull it, push it, so be it. Just try and feel putts out here. Made a big difference on my speed control on the greens.

Q. What is it about the weekend that makes you a good player coming in?
JORDAN SPIETH: You know, if you're in the lead after 36, you obviously have confidence that you're in form. So first and foremost, having that confidence as you get ready to tee it up before you even get on the course.

But then from there, it's just, you know, believing that the other guys are kind of more nervous than you are. Kind of I guess experience; having gone through wins and losses from in the lead, coming from behind, everything in between. We've only been out here four or five years, but had quite a few experiences to be able to learn from and adapt and kind of understand where my game is and what tendencies I get into when I'm nervous.

Q. Do you feel and you and Michael have established the correct strategy on this golf course or is it still a work-in-progress on a new golf course?
JORDAN SPIETH: I would say less -- yeah, it's more of a work-in-progress than courses we're obviously used to. But we definitely have it down.

It's not -- it's pretty in front of you, right. The fairways are wider but you really can't miss them because when you get in the rough, it can be really dangerous, and then on the greens, the pins are in such tough locations that it's tough to get it close on your approach shots.

So you've got to really dial back, play a little more conservative most of the round and then take advantage when you do get the easy holes, because they are few and far between.

Q. We saw you at The Open turn that switch with five holes to go. Did you turn the same switch today as you made the turn at 10, because five birdies in a row, you were playing at a high level.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, that's where you can attack this golf course is on those holes. You get really five -- I had all five were wedge holes.

I got a couple putts to go. The one on 10, when that one went in, and I dialed that speed in perfectly on a very difficult putt, that's when -- unfortunately I've been a little streaky with my putter this year. You'd like to be a little more consistently solid, but when it's been going good, I really, really feel -- I can feel the speed, see the lines a lot better and that started to happen there.

Q. You bounced back at 16, a hole that was not giving up a lot of birdies, that nasty hole location. What were you thinking?
JORDAN SPIETH: That was actually pretty straight putt. I knew once Hideki's shot funneled down the ridge and came to rest right by my ball, that I just tried to start it on the left edge, and it's all a speed putt. But it wasn't going to move much, so as long as I had somewhere around the right speed, I thought it would scare the hole and sure enough, it got on that right lip and caught it and went in. That was certainly a bonus.

Q. Have you figured out the golf course now after two days of playing?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, you know, I don't think it's too difficult to figure out. There's some tee shots that really mess with your mind a little bit where you want to hit it down the left side of the fairway but the fairway slopes that way and it looks like trouble is even further that way. It's just tough to commit to some of the tee balls and when you get in the rough, you're in trouble.

So if I keep driving the ball the way I have the last couple days, keep getting these looks; I mean, obviously once that lid came off, the course became easy for me.

Q. And it will be a small gallery with you and Rickie tomorrow.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it will be good fun. It will be awesome playing with Rick. He's been playing awesome recently. I watched a few of his holes. I came out late to Liberty and he made like five birdies in six holes; I watched. He's been playing awesome. It will be fun trying to feed off each other.

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