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August 25, 2017

Bubba Watson

Old Westbury, New York

Q. Nice way to finish your day, and a clean back nine for you. Did something click on your back nine?
BUBBA WATSON: Just made some putts. Let see, where did it start. No. 3, the par 5, I made a 30-footer, give or take. So you make a putt there, right. You're hitting to the fat of the greens, you make one putt. Next hole hit a good tee shot and hit this little 8-iron in there for 173, just off the green, give or take about 18, 20 feet. Could have been 15 feet, I'm not sure. And it went in. Two in a row, just like that. So now you're living the dream, right. So you're playing good.

And then the same thing happened on 9, 18th hole for us. Hit a drive down the middle. Hit a wedge that came up a little short; a little sand wedge came up a little short, trying to skip it back there. But then you roll in the putt. And again, you roll in the putt, you're like Jordan Spieth, making putts these putts from 20 feet; you feel like you're really good at golf.

Q. Is it difficult, especially in the afternoon, when the poa is getting a little bouncy does it make it tougher to make those putts?
BUBBA WATSON: I didn't know this is poa, but yeah. Any time you play in the afternoon, doesn't matter what course you're at. Footprints, spike marks, just the grass gets worn out.

For me today it was about hanging on. It's hard to play late in the day because of energy levels. You wake up early and you're just sitting around trying to make the cut. For me I'm trying to make cut so I can try to move on to next week.

So just you lose some energy. You've got to try to find some energy and then play to the at that time of the greens. Just try to hang on, and then, you know, drop a couple putts.

Q. You talked yesterday about whenever your season ends, taking the rest of the year off. Do you feel freed up mentally out there right now?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, the sad thing is, I'm ready to go home. But no, I mean, you do feel free because you know what you're doing. You know, when I talk to the other pros, and I'm not going to mention any names, they were all hoping they could get four and a half months off, as well.

It's something we all -- we love to compete, and so to take four and a half months off, hopefully it's a little less than that if I make it all the way to Atlanta. But to take that much time off, you have to be away from the game, and it's hard to do because we love to compete and we love to beat each other. We love the competition.

You know, I'm going to hopefully have some good rest and be ready to play good in Phoenix.

Q. What are you going to do during that time off?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, I've got two kids that are wild, and one wants to play tee ball and one wants to not sleep. So hang out with the family. I've got a few other business interests that are going on. So it will be fun.

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