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August 13, 2017

Paul Casey

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. How did things unfold for you these four days?
PAUL CASEY: Frustrating. Didn't play nearly the golf I wanted to play or I'm capable of. Yeah, frustrated, very.

Q. The way the course was set up made things very difficult for the players. How much of your play this week were you proud of with regards to grinding it out in those conditions?
PAUL CASEY: It was a good. I feel I'm always good on that front. You know, this is probably been the course for major that's been right on the edge out of all of them, which is rare for this one. I'm usually a bit more benign earlier in the week.

If people are still watching, holes like 17 are going to be pivotal today. Pin positions, we have no clue how you can get it close there. 3 is a wonderful score.

Happy with the way I grinded it out. It's a golf course that highlights ball striking and you have to be on top of it and I wasn't.

Q. I was going to ask about the finishing holes. You talked about 16. What about the 17 and 18?
PAUL CASEY: 16 is generous off the tee. It's a big ole green. You shouldn't get into too much trouble. It's that bunker top right, if you do go in there it could lead to a poor lie.

17 is obvious.

18, difficult tee shot. Hazards both sides of the fairway. Then that pin is tucked way back on the left. Even I almost dumped it back in the hazard over the green from the middle of the fairway. So it's very, very difficult, all 18.

It's a tough stretch. Pars, you are picking up strokes on the field, probably a full shot on the field. If a guy makes a birdie on one of those, he is going to leap frog guys. You say this every week, but those really are the pivotal holes this week.

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