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August 13, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Charlotte, North Carolina

JORDAN SPIETH: It was just on the greens early in the week. I felt like I struck the ball well. I landed a ton of balls on the green that ended up off the green. Just kind of happens here. If I'd landed them a couple of paces here or there different then they would have stayed on with birdie looks. Instead they are in the nasty rough trying to make pars.

You just kind of needed to land in the right spots and you've got to have your putter rolling. I looked at the strokes gained of most of the guys at the top of the leaderboard, and just like every week, but even more so this week, those guys are all in the top 10, 15 of strokes gained putting.

Obviously a premium of being in the fairway. Capitalizing on the limited number of chances you get on such a tough course is important. That's normally what we're really good at. It just held me back the first two days.

Q. You often talked about learning more in your season from the week. What have you learned from this week?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think there's a whole lot out of this other than -- it was nothing other than just execution on the greens, I felt like. My striking was pretty good. Not quite where it has been for the last month or so but that's been phenomenal. It was still good. I drove the ball -- I've been driving the ball really well the last two weeks which is better than even The Open or Hartford. So it's just a matter of making putts.

I started to really go through -- I went through 18 holes on the weekend of some really nice putting after I figured something out in the rain delay -- when did we have the rain delay? Friday. Right before we went back out, I figured out something in it. And obviously it's not going to be perfected if it's a different feeling, but I thought I did a great job of trusting it and it led to some better putting on the weekend.

Q. How do you look at 2017 as a whole as far as majors?
JORDAN SPIETH: Michael is telling me walking off 18 today. He goes, Hey, just want you to know that's a great year in the majors.

I go, Buddy, we won one of the majors. I understand that's a great year in the majors.

He almost thinks I'm disappointed maybe with how this week went. But we won a major. We had a chance to win at Augusta, too. The U.S. Open and here are -- I didn't have a chance to win, which is a downer. But overall, when I look back on the year in the major championships, shoot, it was fantastic. If I did this every year, I would go down as the greatest ever to play the game. I need to look at it that way and I am.

Q. You said yesterday this is just the start of the fourth quarter. Are you going to take a little time off?
JORDAN SPIETH: I'll definitely take at least a few days off just try and get -- these two weeks take a lot out of you. It was hot. We had delays. They were long days. World Golf Championship and a major championship mentally is draining whether you are in contention or not.

Definitely going to have some recovery going in. I'm going to approach the first two events trying to obviously win but looking to kind crescendo into East Lake and peak there and consider East Lake a major at this point as far as our preparation goes.

Q. Any predictions on the Dallas Cowboys?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think Vegas has frozen the lines right now because of Zeke's potential suspension or suspension.

They are stacked. They are very good. Last year was phenomenal. It will be fun to watch for sure.

Q. At your level can you have a great level without winning a major?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yes. Look what Tiger did in 2013. He won five events, including a PLAYERS. A PLAYERS Championship is in our minds up there. May as well be equal with the majors. Even with that, yes, absolutely. I mean, you can have chances to win and you don't quite pull it off.

If you didn't -- if I didn't have a chance to win a major in a year then I would be disappointed at the end of the year. Winning them is so difficult to do that you can have a fantastic year without winning a major.

Q. Do you see yourself coming back here to play in the Wells Fargo at this facility?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yes. The only reason I haven't played it in the past is it's just a tough time in the schedule. I never play more than four tournaments in row. I love THE PLAYERS. I play both my hometown events and I go to Jack's place. It's really just a scheduling thing for me. I will certainly consider coming back. There's so many big events here, and I think extra course knowledge certainly could have helped this week and can help going forward.

Q. In '19, when they shift the PGA to May, is it more possible?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, there's going to be scheduling changes within the PGA Tour season, as well. Definitely this was one of my favorite events I played my rookie year. It's around the other ones.

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