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August 11, 2017

Paul Casey

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. 37 going out today. How proud were you of the back nine and that 33?
PAUL CASEY: I'm happy for the rain delay. I struggled all day. Ball striking again was not my best. Missing it left and right. Missed a very, very good opportunity on 11 for birdie, and then I was messing up 12 as the horn went.

In a weird way, the deluge that we had, it softened things up. I got that pitch up and down on 12 to save par and then made some birdies. In that case the rain delay helped me.

Q. Having to grind here in these conditions on a course like this, how tough is that?
PAUL CASEY: It's very difficult. You know, this is flipped on its head for years. We see the U.S. PGA was the easier one -- the Masters is the Masters and The Open is The Open. You are comparing the U.S. Open and the U.S. PGA and this was the benign one. It seems that Erin Hills was the benign one this year.

This has been an absolute test of all elements of the game. Nothing more than probably the mental side of things and the grind and having to keep it going and saving pars, what a test it's been so far. I think it's a shame that it got softened up from the rain. It's going to be even more so as the weekend pans out.

Q. What about your chances this weekend?
PAUL CASEY: I do need to play better from tee to green. It's a very demanding golf course from tee to green, which has been emphasized by the Bermuda grass which they have laid down on these greens. The greens are amazing, but you have to be in the right position. That works all the way back to the tee, getting the tee shots down the fairway perfectly down the right side. I have not been doing that so I need to improve.

I scrambled back into position, but I have got to push on from here and find some form if I can.

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