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August 11, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Charlotte, North Carolina

JORDAN SPIETH: Felt like I hit some good shots. The pins were in such tough locations, it was hard to get the ball to feed to the hole. It's a tough track where they are putting these flag sticks.

What Kis has done is phenomenal.

With one birdie, it's going to be hard to post a solid round. On to the weekend to try and fire at stuff. Nothing to lose.

Q. Your demeanor seemed different after the rain delay. Was that beneficial to you?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, if you are not doing so hot then taking a little break is nice. Sometimes you can create that break and sometimes it's given to you like it was today.

I kind of accept the fact that I'm essentially out of this tournament pending some form of crazy stuff the next couple of days. I'm sure going to give it a try. As we came out of the rain delay, it was -- I'm a little upset at the bailing out I did on a couple of shots. The tee shot on 14, tee shot on 15, 18. Just no reason to bail out on those at this point in the position I was in. So I was a little frustrated there. Other than that, my frustrations were letting me down. Just tried to calm down and simplify things a little bit.

Q. Matsuyama and Day made runs late in the day. You don't --
JORDAN SPIETH: It was more gettable after the rain delay than it was before, no doubt about it. I played even par after the delay and that's not very good in my opinion on those holes that we had left. I made a birdie and then a couple of pars.

Went over to 14 and you have got 280 par-4 and then a reachable par-5 in a row. 16 and 18 weren't playing that hard either with softer conditions and not a breath of wind. It's still difficult to make birdies, but if you hit the right shots, we had definitely had softer conditions which made it easier.

Q. Have you got any numbers in mind over the weekend?
JORDAN SPIETH: Probably 54 would be nice. I don't know, as low as I can go..

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