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July 8, 2017

Timea Bacsinszky

Wimbledon, London, England

A. RADWANSKA/T. Bacsinszky

3-6, 6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Must be disappointing after such a good first set to end up like that. How much did the injury play into the end of the second and the start of the third?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: A lot. Yeah, a lot. Well, it's quite frustrating, because I think I really had, like, I had, for sure, I played a great first set. I think I can bother her -- I always did, actually, when we played against each other. So I can read her game quite well. I can anticipate really well.

This is probably as well because of my legs. Because then it's something to see. But it's getting there, as well, as quickly as you can.

So it helped me so much in the first, and I was putting so much, how you say, strength as well in my shots that she was, like, I could go for the winners and I was able to really put my both solid feet.

Well, I felt that -- I think at around 3-2 in the second one, second set, that I was, like, there was this sharp pain coming to my quad and more the adductor muscle. I was struggling a lot to get low in my knees and which helped me very much in my first two rounds.

So I was very, very happy about the way I was playing, actually, on grass this year. Unfortunately, like I'm pretty sad that happened, but, well, I tried to manage, to play until the end. I still believed that I could do something.

But I was really hoping that in the second set I could take my chances earlier. Maybe if I created an opportunity to break her right away, to be maybe 2-Love, knowing that she did not find a great solution against me till today how to, like, beat me, I was like, okay, if I do 2-Love, then I hold my serve, 3-Love, can change many things.

But, well, it did not happen. But all the time when she was serving, I had some opportunities to break back, but, well, she was -- I mean, congrats to her, because she could have let go, as well, a little bit more but she fought until the end, even though I think at a certain point I had a better tennis level today.

But then, I mean, it's something to have a better level, but then it doesn't make you win all the time because many other factors can come in as it came today.

Q. The injury, it's not pain. There were a couple of smashes you missed that normally you would have put away, I think. Does that affect balance a little bit, as well?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, on the smash I think I probably did not push enough with my legs. A smash, it's only two points or three points. I don't consider that important compared to the amount of shots I could play with those both feet really anchored on the ground and really hit very hard on both sides.

Yeah, probably, I felt it was pretty clear that I wasn't moving that well at all, and she's the kind of player who sees very well what's happening on the other side. Probably she saw it quite quickly. So it was her probably motivation boost, as well, to make me run as much as she could.

Maybe you guys saw it, as well. Well, I felt it. I felt I was pretty slow compared to what I can be from the second set on.

Q. Would you say the injury made it impossible to play the way you wanted to play?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Yeah, well, I don't like the word "impossible" because I don't believe that "impossible" should be used for many things. I think human beings can sometimes push their limit so far. Sometimes you end up even having a big injury, and you can still win a match or, I don't know, escape from wherever you are or whatever. So it goes beyond tennis. That's why I'm the kind of person who believes it's possible till the end.

Well, I think she really took her chances today where she could, and she did. This is also a sign that, I mean, great players, experienced players, she knows this court way better than I did, as well. It was my first time. But I enjoyed it really much.

Maybe also it influenced her focus that we were playing on Centre Court, her, like, kind of mindset, because I saw her two first matches. I think today she was way more competitive than the other two days.

But this is, yeah, again, congrats to her on what she did, and that she could kind of stop me from my, like, good run or good feeling on grass.

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