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July 14, 2017

Angela Stanford

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. A lot of golf this morning. How much of a grind was it?
ANGELA STANFORD: I tell you, to have a quick turnaround, first you finish at dark, then you have got to find something to eat and then make yourself go to sleep.

Turn around on less than five hours, get out here earlier than you want to be. Warm up in the rain, which is worse than playing in the rain and then have the umbrella up and down all day, and then play a U.S. Open golf course on top of that, it was a tough morning. I had to kind of keep reminding myself just one at a time. It's hard enough. Stop thinking about the end. Think about this next shot. It was hard.

Q. How difficult is it to make the adjustments throughout the round and throughout the weather change?
ANGELA STANFORD: It was difficult because when we played yesterday afternoon, the beginning of the round, the ball was jumping because it was hot. I thought it was a different wind today. I was playing longer. The air is heavier, so it was hard to trust that it is one more club.

So I thought the conditions -- I thought it was really hard out there. They had some pretty interesting pin placements today, too. So I thought it played really hard this morning.

Q. In what ways do you expect it to be different over the weekend?
ANGELA STANFORD: It looks like if we can get through today maybe the rain is over. I know they -- from what I hear, they maybe want it to play firm and fast. I don't think it's done that. I would expect by Sunday maybe it's playing a little bit firmer. I think that's been the saving grace is that the greens are softer right now. Because it's playing really long, I think.

Q. You might have the first sitting president ever at your tournament this afternoon and over the weekend. What does that mean?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, honestly, I respect the office of the president, always have. To play on a Solheim Cup team and get to go to the White House and meet presidents, regardless of how you feel either way, it's still pretty cool. That did occur to me. How many chances are you going to get to play on a president's golf course during a U.S. Open. I think that in itself is where I'm going to stop. And I respect the office of the president.

I've enjoyed being here. I've enjoyed the golf course. I think it's a world class golf course. I secretly want to be a Secret Service agent. So I'm kind of hoping to see one at some point. They are hard to find. But it's pretty cool. You have Secret Service at your major golf tournament.

Q. Did you notice security, for example, pick up for crowds pick up over the course of the days a news that the president may be arriving later? Did you notice any changes?
ANGELA STANFORD: Honestly, we didn't know because we were out there all morning. They told us to be ready for heightened security. I think they forgot to tell the security, because we rolled right in here this morning. So I was like waiting for them to pull me out of my car and nothing. Just rolled right through the thing and that's 20 minutes of sleep I could have used. I don't think that's going to happen again. Probably have a big target on me now.

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