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July 4, 2017

Bubba Watson

Angie Watson

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

(In progress.)

ANGIE WATSON: Well, I think what spearheaded it was just the people at West Virginia themselves. They impacted us, impacted our family. We wanted to the what we could. People keep praising us for how much we did. We wish we could have done more.

But the reality was we had to get our family back to a place where Bubba could practice golf and where we could get home and get back to our family. So we wish we could have done more, but wanted to do as much as we could.

BUBBA WATSON: The funny story here is my truck that I have here, it's a mean truck. It's bulletproof, all this crazy stuff that I dream up.

So she drove it around. I was in Akron for the tournament, so she took Caleb at the time and was trying to teach him lessons about giving and helping and everything.

So they drove up two hours away helping other counties that were in need delivering water.

So she put on her rain boots - mud boots as we now call them - and my truck still has the mud from last year because we leave it up here. I was trying to clean out the tailgate and the whole truck bed the other day and still can't get it cleaned out yet.

She was literally in the mud driving the truck. I think everybody in West Virginia knows the camouflage truck now that says Oakley on the front. They all give me away when I drive around because they know that that truck has been a lot of places in West Virginia that Angie did herself and a little bit my son.

It's pretty cool coming back and seeing the smiles and energy behind West Virginia and the people, how much they love it.

Q. (No microphone.)
ANGIE WATSON: Well, I mean, I discovered a few months ago (indiscernible) at a luncheon the true definition of biblical hospitality to me. To watch these people love us and receive us when they had lost everything, some of them, to me, that's the definition of neighbors loving neighbors.

The reception we had from these people drove us to want to do more and want to be here more.

BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, same thing. What she talked about earlier, is that she would show up at home with lyme, which you have to put in a home to try and save the home and kill some bacteria and different things.

So she would show up and they would have tea or coffee. The house has nothing, and somehow they have tea or coffee for her. And she's a big coffee drinker so she loved it.

They lost everything, but at the same time they're still giving. Doesn't matter how much or how little. They were still giving. They were still showing the love and respect and honor even though they just lost everything. Which you could just go hide in a corner because you don't know where to start.

It was amazing to see the southern hospitality of giving even though they just lost everything.

Q. What did it mean to you today at this event where it was neighbors loving neighbors? You say you get emotional. But to see some of the people who went through the flood, some of the first responders, what did that mean to you?
BUBBA WATSON: You know, it's weird to say, but this is a celebration. This is a celebration of some hard working people of the state of West Virginia, now Governor Jim Justice. What a privilege and an honor to say I have a home here. This is my summer home, and my kinds are going to grow up here and be a part of it.

And the Greenbrier Hotel, America's resort. The dedication and drive they had to come from nothing after that storm and still survive and rebuild better, greater, and neighbors loving neighbors, that's what the true definition we should all be doing. Not just in West Virginia, but everywhere in the world. We should love all people and help all people.

This is the best I've ever seen this golf course. With the dedication to trying to make the golf course the best we've ever seen it, best condition. The smiles on everybody's faces.

The golf tournament, the winner, whoever it is it's going to be amazing. At the same time, what's more amazing is West Virginia, White Sulphur Springs, the Greenbrier Hotel, the workers, the staff, of every place. No matter if it's the store down the street, the groundscrew at the golf course, you guys covering a beautiful story, we should all just be happy and loving our neighbor.

That's what they showed over the last year in the dedication and drive to make a great state even better.

Q. This got really personal for you in a hurry. Obviously you live here or have a home here. More than that, you know a lot of these people now personally. That has to make it even more intense for you when you come back and see this.
BUBBA WATSON: Yes, for sure. I'm at the golf course, at the grocery store down the street, the post office respect, gas station, doesn't matter. Or at the Wendy's right down the street. I love Frosties and french fries, but that's a different story.

No, so when you start looking at all that, meeting the people, the church I go to right down the street here in White Sulphur Springs, all these people that impacted our lives because of inspiration, stories. They lost everything.

I remember there was a Wal-Mart in Lewisburg showing up and there was a cashier. First thing me and Angie always ask when we buy something is, How is your day going? First thing this lady said was, I lost everything, but I'm happy to have a job and can keep living.

Me and Angie thought about in the car. This was whatever, four days after the storm, or five days. We were thinking about that. What an inspiration that is. These are the people that we trust to show love to our kids, take care of our kids. Everything we do in life we have to go buy something. They are taking care of us at the store, at the golf course.

So when you look at that, this person lost everything and we've been so blessed. How would we not want to help and inspire? Person just at Wal-Mart, cashier at Wal-Mart, showed us so much love and grace and honor even though they just lost everything, and we haven't lost anything.

For us, having our family home here, we fish here, we golf here, go to the falconry here. We have the bowling alley. When it was raining we could go to the bowling alley here underneath here at the hotel.

There are so many things our family does here and we love it so much. How could you not help? How could you not be a part of this? I shed many, many a tear in my life, and not as much as I have for West Virginia and White Sulphur Springs and Jim Justice and Habibi and all the people that helped out, all the communities that came together, all the volunteers that came together.

What an inspirational story for me and my family. And my son. My wife drove my truck around and delivered water to different people and different odds and ends that they needed, and my son, who was four years old at the time, got to go around and hand individual waters to different people.

We're trying to tell him the story that he needs to love everybody. Neighbors loving neighbors, you know. We're trying to teach him even at four years old how to give back and be a part of a community.

Q. We're a clanish bunch. Are you one of us now?
BUBBA WATSON: Yes, for sure. You know, we haven't had blood yet, but some tears and hard work. My wife had hard work. You know, just being a part of this -- when you go through something like this it takes a little out of you, but also it puts some back into you.

So I feel like West Virginia is a big part of my life and I want to be here for years and years to come. Hopefully this home stays in the family for years.

Even when I'm not here anymore we're still going to call West Virginia home and be a part of this.

Q. (Regarding playing golf this week.)
BUBBA WATSON: I don't know. Playing golf this week is about excitement. When you see the fans out there you don't know if that fan is from here, came from out of state. You don't know if that was a volunteer that helped out in times of need. You don't know where those people come from. All you do know is they're here supporting West Virginia, supporting a great event at America's resort, the Greenbrier. And Governor Justice now -- seems weird saying that -- but Governor Jim Justice and his vision of neighbors loving neighbors, being a part of that.

So, yeah, the golf is way down the list of what this event really truly means in this state and in this town.

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