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June 25, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Jordan, what a week for you. What a week for me to walk all 72 holes with you. Tell me about the drive and the playoff off the tee. What's going through your mind when you hit the tree?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, we had a really good game plan on this hole the entire week. If I take it up over that left bunker and just get it up over the tree, if it draws and it's in the left rough it's actually a good angle into here, and if it fades it's in the fairway, then obviously we're in position A. I just hit it off the neck and it never got the initial lift.

I thought I put a decent swing on it. I felt comfortable over it. When it was going into the tree, as long as it kind of gets through it a little ways I know I can get it up here in position. That's kind of the beauty of this 18th hole is that there isn't that much trouble around. As long as you're in position, you can get it up below the hole and you know you make a 4 if you hit a bad tee ball. Put it in the bunker where I was already today, where I thought the bunker shot was pretty easy. If you carry the bunker, great. If it's in it, we can make four and potentially move on.

Obviously, that was one for the ages. I don't know if I'll ever have a moment like that again. That was -- if I was in Berger's shoes, I'd be cursing Jordan Spieth right now for the break off the tee and then holing a 30-yard bunker shot. That's a lot of walk. But I took advantage of the good breaks and happy to come out on top. We played great. The putter let me down today, but all in all this is a huge victory for us in the middle of the season as we go into this second half of the major season.

Q. A momentous victory. 10 now at 24. Tiger had 15. Nobody else has ever had double digits. Can you put that into perspective?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think it's awesome. I'm hesitant and will speak out adamantly about not comparing myself to anybody else. I think that's unfair. I don't think anybody will do what Tiger did for the game. But it's really cool to be out here at my age, to experience what we're able to experience, play golf for a living. That's a dream come true for me.

I've got all my buddies out here. I grew up playing golf with Berger back to when we were 14, 15 years old, and to be in a playoff with him out here is pretty cool. And I hope that there are teenagers out there listening that they're able to look across from them on the tee box at junior golf events and recognize that they can be out here doing what we just did. It is really cool.

Q. A hole out from a bunker in a playoff for your tenth PGA TOUR win. How the heck did you pull that off?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I felt comfortable on the bunker. I felt more comfortable in the bunker than I did from four feet. I was in there in regulation, knew it was the place to be. So my approach shot I thought that if it were not going to carry, that bunker's not bad. If it happens to carry on to the green, great. From 225 into this hole I was happy with where it was. I was just trying to get it up there somewhere around the hole.

For it to actually kind of spin in, I went and jumped up and saw it kind of spinning towards the middle of the hole and I'm like, no way. I'm looking at it like there's no way. It hit and went in, and I lost my mind.

Q. We saw you lose your mind. The crowd lost its mind. Speaking of the flat stick, a couple blemishes on the back nine. How did you stay patient through that?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was tough. I give a lot of credit to Michael. I thought this was his most impressive performance he's ever had. I mean, this whole week I haven't felt comfortable on the greens. I voiced that. Even when I made some putts, they didn't necessarily feel like great putts. It wasn't a normal kind of Jordan putting week.

You know, something like this could be a catapult, but Michael kept me grounded. He said, look, this one, I don't want you dropping to any negative thoughts. Stay as positive as you can. We're not letting this one slip away. We're going to finish like we have the last couple days and these last few holes. And he reiterated that in different ways throughout the back nine, which is very important.

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