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June 16, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. You're here for the weekend. What happened today, maybe not what you wanted?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, we had very favorable conditions. I thought we had the good end of the draw between the two waves. So I would have liked to have been even further up, obviously. Got off to a really good start today, and then I just got a little bit loose on the back nine. Swing got a little bit loose, focus, whatever it may be. The course ran on the body. Whatever it was.

I just felt like I didn't have quite the same control even before I hit the shots, didn't feel as confident going into it, which happens. It happens a lot of rounds. But the putter was there more today. I had to make some saves and did. I made a couple kind of decisions that I regret, but that always happens in a U.S. Open, as well.

I didn't quite strike it well enough to move way up the leaderboard today. In order to do so, you obviously have to have everything on at a U.S. Open.

We've got an interesting day tomorrow, and then we've got a really, really tough day on Sunday. If you're ever going to come from behind in a tournament, I don't think this is a bad option. I think Michael and I were both talking, we're still very much in it. I think the winning score will be somewhere around where it is now, maybe a few strokes lower. With some heavy winds on Sunday, anything under par is going to move way up the board.

Q. Does this course allow you to make that move, because you saw amazing numbers the first two days?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think so, because certain holes, pins are in very difficult locations, but others are in bowls. If you're in position off the tee, you can get it within three or four feet. So it's a course where I think you can create some excitement, like what Hideki did today. We did have the conditions to do that and you have to play some phenomenal golf. But it was definitely doable. And if you said someone is going to shoot 7 or 8-under today, I would have said absolutely.

I don't know if that's going to be the case the next couple of days, but I think the tournament is very content with the score remaining where it is, or even going closer to 10-under par. And I think that keeps this golf course exactly where it should be.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, a little bit better, just a little more fluid in my stroke, just a little more aggressive through my stroke. And that's what I worked on after the round yesterday and before the round today with a couple of sessions. I had three practice sessions before getting on the course from yesterday to today. It was useful. It's close.

I thought it was progress today. I thought it was about 30, 40 percent progress compared to exactly where I want to be, that's a hundred percent on. We're getting there.

Q. And finally, what gives you the most confidence?
JORDAN SPIETH: The conditions coming up. If it were going to be like this, it was going to be difficult to chase that many people down. But some incredible golf the next couple of days, you can make up a significant amount of strokes. You could see somebody with an amazing round come from five plus to win the tournament, if what's projected weather-wise is still there. You never know.

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