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June 15, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Erin, Wisconsin

JORDAN SPIETH: I hit the ball phenomenal, just didn't make anything. And that's just all it was. I hit -- I missed one fairway today, which is the best driving round that I've had maybe in my life. And struck the ball great from there.

I had 15 looks at birdie today and all of them were actual makeable putts and I only made one of them. Just a really off day putting, but I'll go figure it out.

Q. Anything about the course setup or conditions surprise you?
JORDAN SPIETH: No. Well, I thought 7-under was just a phenomenal score. He probably wasn't missing putts. But I thought that there would definitely be a couple, few 5-unders in the morning, based on through the first four or five holes, that's kind of what I figured today.

But, no, I mean, the defense of this golf course is hole locations. They were tough. And they were tricky. But at the same time, like I said, I had 15 looks at hitting the ball well. When you play really well, a lot of times you have eight or nine looks, true birdie looks. So you can definitely go out there and make plenty of birdies, even with the tough hole locations if you leave the ball in the right spots.

Q. Any idea what it could be with your putting?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's close. I had a couple of lip-outs, either sides of the hole. It's just getting kind of comfortable over it. I leave two short and then I miss one right and the next I'd miss it left. They were high, low, short and long. They were just all around it. It was just a matter of seeing a couple of go in.

By the end of the round, once you get through six or seven of those -- six or seven misses, the hole starts to look smaller and smaller, until you get one to go.

I made one on my second hole and then didn't get one to go through the 15 through 1, which I had plenty of opportunities. And then it just looked smaller, just looked like I was putting half a cup. Sometimes it looks like I'm putting to two cups. It's about making sure that I could get back to normal by this afternoon on putting green, so tomorrow we can maybe start a round.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: No, I had it go by the hole. And I had a good angle on it on my chip and it moved to the left past the hole so my putt was going to move to the right. But the wind, which was blowing, then not blowing, and blowing and not blowing, was coming from the other direction. And the wind on the greens, the speed affects it significantly. I felt it below my feet. I was lined up just inside the left edge and part of it was I didn't want to bail on it, and put it with the wind right. And so I pulled it -- I don't know if I didn't hit it good or pulled it, it's hard to tell. It was a tough putt from that distance, just given the crosswind with the green the other way, but one that shouldn't miss the hole.

So, yeah, it was hit a little hard, but, you know, got the next one in. Had nine holes to go and I had a lot of good chances. Disappointing because I just struck the ball so beautifully.

Q. Does your approach for tomorrow change for tomorrow given where Rickie and some of the other players are?
JORDAN SPIETH: I can't change anything that I was doing. If I get that many looks, I normally shoot 8-under par, typically. So there's nothing for me to change other than just dial things in on the greens. But I was already, like I said, expecting, if you hit the ball well, to be able to shoot 5-under. I'm going to need something 3, 4-under just to get back in the tournament tomorrow. I know that. It doesn't change the way I approach the course. Ideally I played the exact same, I just get those to go.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: No, I mean I don't mean that as an insult by any means, but off days. So neither one of us could make a putt. I'm surprised Martin could make a couple of them given he was watching me and DJ the whole day. DJ and I will be on the practice round. We might have a pillow fight putting contest, just to see if we can spark anything. But, yeah, it was just off with putter and he had one bad hole. Yeah, I played a lot of golf with him and have seen him at his best. And everybody has off days one way or another.

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