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June 2, 2017

Bubba Watson

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Bubba, that was a great round. Give us a description of the afternoon.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, you know, the wind is gusting all different directions. When I say gusting, it wasn't very high, but it was going different directions.

No. 10, got off to a good start on the back nine there with a birdie. The wind switched just for a second, so I had a wedge in there instead of a longer iron so I could spin it back to that hole.

Hit a good tee shot, hit a hybrid and two-putted for birdie the next hole.

Hit a pretty good shot on 12, but went in the bunker.

It was one of those things where everything was clicking. Made the putts. The key is making the putts.

And getting up and down on 17.

And then 18 I hit -- I went ahead and hit driver. That hole is so difficult for me because of the way I shape the ball. I went ahead and just hammered a driver as hard as I could hit it and hopefully it was somewhere we could find it. It went in the fairway. After a killed tee shot, I still had 152 hole. So it's not like the hole is short. Somehow we made birdie. It touched the rough, but it trickled back down. Not as good as Dufner's, but I'll take birdie, I guess.

Q. When you get it going, anything is possible. There's a lot of golf left. He's 14-under?
BUBBA WATSON: Nice shirt, by the way.

Q. Thank you. Obviously you think you're still in it, right?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, you always think you're in it. This is the closest thing to a major when you're talking about the setup of a golf course. The rough is really thick. The greens are super fast. The greens are super tricky. It's a second shot golf course, par-3s, so iron golf course. You've got to hit your irons well. Drivers are pretty generous off the tees. For the par-3s -- I mean, iron shots are what the golf course is all about. And Jack Nicklaus tests you in every sense of the word. And it's mostly mental.

So you've just got to try to make birdies and hopefully the other guys don't make as many birdies as you do coming down the stretch.

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