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May 21, 2017

Angela Stanford

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. 11-under par. How was your day?
ANGELA STANFORD: It was good. I kind of got on a roll early. I knew it was going to a tough day. Sounded like the pin placements were tough.

So just tried to be patient early, and then I made some. Then I got a little impatient, and really just after that just tried to finish. I got an extremely lucky break on 15.

Good way to finish.

Q. Eagle on 15?

Q. What happened there? Walk me through that.
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, we stood back in the fairway forever. I had two rulings in the group in front of us, and I we stood there for over ten minutes.

Then I just hit a bad shot and hung it out to the right. Actually had a decent lie. I mean, it wasn't great. I just told myself if I could pop it up and get it somewhere on the green maybe have a birdie chance, and it went in.

I knew when I hit it it was online, but that was luck. (Laughter.)

Q. Do you know how many consecutive Kingsmill tourneys this has been for you?

Q. All of them?
ANGELA STANFORD: I missed last year's cut, but other than that I've made the cut every single time I've been here.

Q. And this is about the best you've played?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think. I think I've had a number of Top 10s here. This is probably the best finish maybe.

Q. Why have you never missed it?
ANGELA STANFORD: I just love it here. It looks good to me. Always in great shape. The volunteers and the fans, the tournament staff, they treat us like -- they just treat us like royalty around here. They love us. They treat us like professional. Just makes you feel good.

They do an amazing job here. It feels like a step above everything else that we play. It's about as close to a major as we're going to get that's not a major.

Q. I know you're a Solheim veteran. What are your thoughts on the next generation of American players, especially Lexi?
ANGELA STANFORD: Looks good apparently. No, you know, these kids, they're so much better than when I came out here. Americans are getting better and better, regardless of what people thing.

College golf, even if you watch NCAA tournament, those girls are so good. I think we're in good shape.

Q. When you see the star power that Lexi is attracting, what do you think about that as a veteran? Can you compare that to anything else?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think it's great. I think it's different. I think we're in a different era. Back when I first started in the early 2000s you didn't have Twitter and Instagram. I think there are some things that allow her to have that kind of status that Annika didn't have or even Webby or Beth Ann or Meg Mallon. Even Juli.

So I think it's just this whole younger generation and I guess all the social media.

Q. Last question from me. I was covering a youth tournament yesterday I think. It was First Tee affiliated. Someone told me they were very involved with the First Tee.
ANGELA STANFORD: Fort Worth, uh-huh.

Q. Tell me about that a little bit, just your involvement and what you see as the importance of First Tee.
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think just to be able to learn the game of golf I think is extremely important for kids. I think it will be a game they can play forever. It'll help them when I they enter the workforce. It'll help them just with their character. You can learn a lot about somebody on a golf course.

I think it's just really important the values they teach, and it just gives the kids something to do. Growing up, I always wanted to play something. That's how I stayed out of trouble.

So I think it just helps those kids find an outlet that's positive.

Q. Are you from that area, Fort Worth? That's where you grew up?

Q. Just one more. You're in a great spot to make your seventh Solheim Cup team. How much is that on your mind with this finish?
ANGELA STANFORD: It's always on my mind Solheim Cup years. This felt good. This week, again, means a lot to me. I love being here. It was kind of my chance to make a move. Just I want to make that team. I don't want Juli to have to think about picking me.

I am just going to try to get the job done that way.

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