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May 19, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Irving, Texas

Q. I know how much this tournament means to you.
What are your emotions now knowing you won't be playing on the weekend?

JORDAN SPIETH: It didn't need to happen. Just playing fine and I tried to just, you know, press it to try to reach the green in 2 and then I tried to do it again. Just kind of a fluke couple shots and fought hard, had two really good looks in the last two and missed one to the right and one to the left and pretty disappointed at this point in time.

Q. When you missed cut last week at The Players you still pretty positive about your game overall.
Are you close in your mind?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I got to figure out what I'm doing on the greens first and foremost. I got to get back to where I don't feel like I'm accelerating through the ball so I've got to do that first and foremost. Everything is in place.

Hit two bad drives today. My driver has been fantastic recently. Short game just off and it's close. I missed two putts in a row in 2015 and we're able to play well the next week and then win the week after. So, I'm not far off. I really don't think so. Doesn't look like that on paper but feels very close.

Q. Speaking of winning, you defend next week at Colonial. How comforting is it knowing you're going to a place you got success?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I like the golf course a lot at Colonial. We've won and almost won a couple other times. I'll put in some work this weekend and get over there early and put the right prep in to get ready.

Q. Is this how you wanted today to go? Can you talk about it?
JORDAN SPIETH: No. It was going okay. I made five bogies in the round through my first 12 holes which is just ridiculous out here and then I still had you know a 9 on 16. So, so many over-par holes and not necessary. Trying to do too much. Trying to move up the leaderboard instead of just letting it come to me on this course. I felt it last time here.

What I've done in the past hasn't necessarily created -- last year I had a scenario where I can win going into the final round but I felt like I really needed to make a move today or would fall pretty far behind and just tried to do it in the wrong ways and it just set me back a little bit.

Q. Is there anything with your game that you're particularly concerned about?
JORDAN SPIETH: Just got to figure out my putting and getting through the ball. I'm just not -- I'm standing over it and I don't feel like I've got a stroke that's producing contact at the right time and I put in a lot of work this week.

I mean Cameron and I spent hours on the putting green and spend hours on the putting green away from here at Dallas National, too.

I put in plenty of work. It's kind of a thing in my head. I got to get a couple to go in and right from there and didn't quite happen.

Q. (Inaudible).
JORDAN SPIETH: No. I hit my driver very well this week, I thought. Struck the ball nicely, had a nice rhythm with it. I've hit in those houses before I think a couple times. They come in quickly, the wind flipped from being straight in to quartering off the left and I didn't adjust. That made the difference obviously being out of play.

Just trying to hit it a little firmer to get it down there where I can get on the green and, again, just goes to that trying to push it a little bit to -- instead of letting the golf course come to me.

Yeah, a bit shocking that's how it happened and I still feel like the game is in a good place. I just got to -- it comes on course, doesn't come off course. I'm putting in a ton of work. It comes on course on the greens and seeing things from short to mid-range.

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