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May 18, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Irving, Texas

Q. Jordan, just get some comments on your opening round.
JORDAN SPIETH: Felt like, felt like I played well. Got a couple tough breaks, couple lip-outs and some shots that were a foot off the fairway that end up in a really tough spot or ones that were just like two, three feet off and could have gone either way.

And, so, all in all, it's a good start at this tournament. You know, I know at this point how this course plays when it's firm and windy and what scores you can expect and what's a good score and I thought today was so, this afternoon will be pretty tough for these guys and tomorrow afternoon it's going to be tough.

If I can duplicate tomorrow I'll probably move up the board from today.

Q. How much have you been thinking about switching your putters?
JORDAN SPIETH: I got this one and the silver one, similar looks, I had asked for them last week before the tournament started. Just I've always -- I've had one in the past, I've used this actually, this exact putter -- well the older version of this putter at the British Open in 2014, The Open Championship, and on the weekend, and I used it in Akron.

It's nothing crazy new but obviously, you know, I've got a putter I've worn out for a number of years and it helps me lineup a bit better, this one right now, and that's kind of been my struggle is lining the putter up where I want to and so I'm falling into a nice, nice line and a nice set-up which has left me more comfortable and I just haven't quite dialed in the speed yet and I wasn't sure what that would be like today. A little off on the speed. So, hopefully I can make the adjustments.

Q. You mentioned the challenges of tomorrow afternoon. How much momentum you build from your last three holes?
JORDAN SPIETH: Quite a bit, yeah. I thought they were really solid shots. On No. 9 I hit a fantastic shot that if I hit, you know, if I hit it again I guarantee you it's half the distance to the hole.

Somehow got caught by the wind. Really good iron swings after really nice tee shots and hit good putts. So, to answer your question, yeah, a lot. They were the best three holes I probably played today and not necessarily easy. 7 is one of the easier holes but 8 plays tough, 9 is a challenge with hitting the fairway.

So, going into tomorrow and trying again to duplicate what I did today or least see what the golf course gives us, see what kind of rain we get.

Q. Jordan, is it tougher to move away from a putter that served you so well?
JORDAN SPIETH: The way I've been putting really I wouldn't call it well. I'd say it was pretty easy to transition. I haven't been comfortable standing over it for a little while and so I just wanted something that's a new look and the bigger a deal that's made out of it the more bothersome that is for me.

It's not really that big of a deal and every guy switches putters every single week. It's nothing new. Just a new look for me for the time being.

Q. Have you done something like that before?
JORDAN SPIETH: Like I said, 2014 I used the exact same putter, went through it. Certainly rebounded and putted nicely since then in my career.

So, it's nothing that I'm, again, thinking too much about it. It's just a new look right now and hopefully I can get the ball rolling.

Q. What is the putter?
JORDAN SPIETH: Scotty. I'm not even sure what it's called. One of those kind of mallets. I'm not sure what it is called.

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