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May 12, 2017

Kyle Stanley

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

NICK PARKER: I'd like to welcome Kyle Stanley to the media room. 36-hole leader after a 6-under 66. Obviously bogey on your first hole, No. 10, but really got it rolling from there. What was working out there?

KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I hit the ball really well the last couple days. I putted pretty well, as well. Made a few adjustments there, and it felt pretty comfortable on the greens. So yeah, happy with where my game is at. A lot of my birdie putts today were from fairly short range, so with as gusty as it was, certainly happy with as many looks as I had.

Q. Was there any difference for you from yesterday coming into today as far as the course goes?
KYLE STANLEY: Not really. I mean, on the first nine yesterday, we didn't have much wind, so you could play pretty aggressively. The wind picked up on the back nine, so I thought it played more difficult than the front. And then today, it was pretty gusty all day, so I thought it played pretty difficult all 18 today. I definitely feel like I got the most that I could have out of that round. A couple bogeys, but you can expect that to happen around here with as difficult as the golf course is.

So yeah, overall very happy.

Q. You've now played 12 twice in competition. What do you think of the hole, and will you stay to the same game plan this weekend or change it up?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, it's an interesting hole. I think the pin positions are going to dictate whether or not guys are going to go for it. So will the wind. I like the cut the ball with my woods, so with that wind off the left the last couple days it's an uncomfortable tee shot for me because I have to start the ball over the water. The last couple days I've laid up. If the wind switches to maybe right to left or that back left pin, I'd think about it. But even today, if you laid up with that front right pin, as much as it's blowing downwind, it's still a really hard hole. I made quite a long putt there today, probably 35 feet or so, so I got away with one there.

Yeah, for the most part, it's probably pin position and wind for me are going to dictate how aggressively I play it.

Q. It looked just a few hours ago like it was going to be a very bunched-up leaderboard and then you guys, you and Louis especially, kind of extended the lead. Do you feel like the way you guys played this afternoon that you kind of maybe took some of the field out of it going into the weekend, having kind of maybe a bigger lead and less bunched up there?
KYLE STANLEY: No, not really. I mean, there's still a lot of golf left. You know, and if you go by the field, it's about as strong as you'll see. We're still going to have to play really well. I don't think you can ever really get too comfortable out here. You know, but it being the halfway point, you know, it's a nice place to be. It's nice to kind of see a lot of the work kind of come together. But that being said, there's a lot of golf left. Still got to be really patient. Can't get too far ahead of yourself. Yeah, we'll just stick to the game plan we've had so far.

Q. You said you've made some putting adjustments. What were those exactly?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, just fixed my posture a little bit, trying to stand a little bit taller. And then just the tempo of my stroke, kind of smooth it out a bit.

Q. How long -- do you feel like you're playing Kyle Stanley golf again, and how long have you kind of been back to playing kind of the way you used to play?
KYLE STANLEY: Well, there's been a lot of consistency this year. I mean, if you look at my stats, I'm happy with where they're at. They're pretty good. My putting has been a little bit inconsistent, but from a ball-striking standpoint, I'm not really sure I can ask much more out of what I've been doing this year. But yeah, I'm feeling better. It's nice to definitely play a little bit better. Starting back in August, things have kind of started to click again. But yeah, I mean, went a couple years there where it was pretty disappointing, but you know, you've just got to keep working hard. You never really quite know when it's going to show up or pay off. But I've been pretty consistent about what I've been doing practice wise and off the golf course. I feel like I've been working on a lot of the right things. Yeah, it seems to be coming together a little bit this year.

Q. How were you able to turn the corner back in August? Was there a significant change or was it little things?
KYLE STANLEY: Well, I started with two events left in the season. I was kind of right around 125, and then I played pretty well at the John Deere, top 25, I think, and that got me to 127, and then going into Wyndham, last event, I knew I had to play pretty well, and finished 13th or 14th there. So drew a little bit of confidence from that.

I think now it's just like not wanting to be back in that position has kind of motivated me a little bit. That being said, I do feel like last season was still a little bit of success after losing my card the previous year. I had a lot that I had to get sorted out. To keep it that year and start to play a little better this year, I feel like I'm definitely back on the right track for sure.

Q. So it was more mental motivation as opposed to technique changes?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, there's been not a ton of technical stuff, technical stuff with me. Things are really good off the golf course, so that kind of makes the preparation side of it and the mental side of it on the course better. But yeah, I feel like I'm in a good place. I'm really enjoying the preparation side of things.

Yeah, I've had a lot of nice guidance from my coaches and whatnot, so thankful to them for that. But yeah, working hard.

Q. Do you draw anything off the win in Phoenix a couple years ago? Do you think about that this weekend? Do you draw anything from that experience?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, maybe a little bit, just knowing that I've been in the position before and was able to pull it off. But for the most part, not really. I feel like maybe I was a little bit of a different player back then. It was kind of a long time ago, too. Maybe a little bit, just knowing that I can do it, but for the most part as far as like feelings go and stuff like that, not too much.

Q. Louis was in here earlier, and obviously he has one of the better swings on TOUR. How would you describe what you see out of his swing, and how do you think yours compares to his in terms of just esthetics, I guess?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, his tempo is probably as good as anyone's. I haven't necessarily studied his swing, but his tempo to me stands out the most. I haven't played with him, but I know he certainly hits it well.

Sorry, your second part of that?

Q. How would the esthetics of your swing compare to his?
KYLE STANLEY: My swing? I'd probably maybe rely on timing a little bit more. Mine's possibly a bit shorter. But both unique in our own ways, I guess.

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