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April 9, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Listening over there, sounds like you felt like you hit the ball really well today.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I did. I struck the ball, obviously, the first hole was a birdie hole today and I do a great job of hitting that fairway 90 percent of the time I play this place. And it was a bummer being in the bunker, but it felt like I hit the ball really well, I felt like it was either five yards short or five yards long. And that's just kind of how it was today. And that happens.
And out here, distance control is so key. And I did, I was two yards into the rough so many times today and it makes a huge difference on controlling the distance out of the rough. It's a coin flip. Is it going to jump or come out spinning. And I missed those coin flips four, five‑for‑five. I mean, I lost five coin flips on my guess. Truly, it is.
But they were all good swings and I was proud of them and I'm really happy with the way that we finished off this round to get back to red, because for awhile there it was just, you know, what are we doing, you know? And I wasn't doing much wrong. And that's what was so tough. I didn't feel like I was doing much wrong and I just look up and it just wasn't landing where I thought it would.

Q. Talk about being patient on a Sunday at Augusta, how did you do with that?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I was very patient. I had the same first tee nerves that I always have out here and after the first ‑‑ I got to the second tee box and I knew bogey on 1 wasn't ideal, but I knew it didn't kill me.
And my goal was to get to 8‑under today. And I didn't play‑‑ I didn't have one nerve the rest of the entire day.
I mean, I birdied 2, I'm right back in the thick of things.
I don't feel anything on 3 tee. It was the most free that I've ever felt at Augusta National. And so be it that I end up shooting one of my worst rounds.
But it was nice. It was nice being able to walk here and really swing freely, watch the ball come down where I wanted it, or, I mean, on the line I wanted it to, it just didn't come down with the distance I thought.
And so it was one of those days that I shot 75, but, boy, it felt like a really good, a really, really ‑‑ I felt great over the ball. My wedges and short game really let me down this week, compared to being at the top of the leaderboard.

Q. Was it tough to keep any kind of, not necessarily momentum, but positive vibes when both you and Rickie were really struggling to make a score.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I feel bad I went so downhill while Rickie was still in it there, because it is tough when you don't see a ball go in the hole. And when I was out of it, I was his biggest cheerleader, just being a really good friends with Rickie, and it was tough.
Yeah, I don't think I helped him whatsoever on the round. And I felt like if I was able to hang in there and we were able to feed off each other, then we would have been able to push through like you saw Sergio and Justin able to do today and we could have definitely done that today, we're both capable of it, the stage wasn't too big, it just didn't quite happen.

Q. When you debrief over the next couple weeks about this, where do you feel the state of your game is? Do you feel when you get back out on TOUR that, you know, you're in a good position and going forward the rest of the year?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I mean, we're in a good position this year. Michael told me the other day that we're still in the top‑3 or 4 in scoring average every single round, even though I felt like I haven't gotten off to good starts in tournaments. So, still strong, feel good about the year.
I'm going to try and go back and regroup, because these last three events weren't exactly what I wanted to get out of them and that's a bit disappointing, with two Texas events and then the Masters. But it's almost like just a bit of a regrouping, because I'll have a really fun stretch of golf coming up. And I'm looking forward to it very much. We got three more Majors this year and certainly excited for having another chance to try and win one.

Q. How do you matchup the number you shot with how good you felt, as far as, is that just the exacting nature of this place?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, no, it's not this place either, it happens other places as well. Some days you get that ‑‑ it's very rare for me, I don't normally feel that way. Normally, my score kind of reflects how I feel about my round. And today it was just one of those rare cases where it didn't.
I'm telling you, it was so bizarre that I didn't feel one nerve. I mean, I was, I felt as calm as I've ever felt. Now, obviously, I fell out of it and after that you normally do feel calm, the pressure's not on anymore, you don't think you can win, but, I mean, I hit so many iron shots right at the sticks and I could name them for you, just so many shots right at the flag stick. Almost every single hole. And they just didn't, they didn't come down in the right places and when they were out side of a five yard window of where they can land out here, you end up with a tough chance for par and normally I get them up‑and‑down, I didn't today.

Q. Would that be the emotion is just shock? That it felt good, but yet the number didn't match up?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, not shock. Just, I guess just a bit bizarre, I don't know if that's a feeling, but just a little bizarre. But I am, I'm taking a lot of positives out of this week, I really am. So, yeah, I mean that's well played, there wasn't going to be a whole lot I could have done today to get ‑‑ I would have had to shoot a tremendous round and the round of the day by a couple shots, I think, by a shot or two, after already coming back. And that's tough to do. So, not going to beat myself up whatsoever over today. I was very happy with the way I struck the ball.

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