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April 7, 2017

Phil Mickelson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How would you assess your round?
PHIL MICKELSON: Man, I fought hard today. It was a hard, difficult day. And I'm really tired. It was obvious there in the end. I played the last five holes very poorly after a really good round.
But I'm even par through two rounds. I'm four back. I'm in a good spot heading into the weekend, just feel I should be a few more ahead.

Q. When you look at the changing conditions, they're supposed to get much better tomorrow, do you like that or would you like it to stay like this?
PHIL MICKELSON: I do. I struggled with the putter today. And a lot of it was wind‑based. It's easy if you have to hit them. The wind is having more of an effect than the break is. And I struggled a little bit with the putter today. Hopefully with calm conditions I'll get that thing dialed in tomorrow because I've been putting really well. And if I can have a good putting weekend I'm going to have a good chance.

Q. Is it tough to have the patience in these conditions, and you know you have a few chances and if you don't convert you get down on yourself, you keep plodding on?
PHIL MICKELSON: No, I look at every hole as a tough par. How can we make par? And when we have some good birdie opportunities, I try to take advantage of them. And I had some easy pars that I made bogeys on. And you just can't do that. I hit two perfect shots on 11 to 50 feet. And I hit a terrible first putt, three‑putt. I hit a sand wedge after a great drive on 14, hit a terrible shot to 30 feet and a terrible putt. I just can't do that, as well as I've been playing at this venue.
But like I said, I'm in a good spot heading into the weekend. I'm playing well. I've been putting well other than today. And I'm very optimistic I'm going to make a good run. But right now I'm so tired I need to go rest up.

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