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April 6, 2017

Bubba Watson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. We thought he was going to play. You see him trying. You see him on the range and all of a sudden this guy that you're supposed to be playing with is not there.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, we talked to him. I was on the training table the same time he was on the training table before we hit balls. So I saw him before we went out there. No, I mean the only thing, you want him to be healthy, you know? And so for us we knew if he doesn't play we're going to have a slow day.
But, no, we're not thinking about him playing or not, we just want him healthy, we want him strong. You don't want to wish that on anybody.

Q. What were you on the training table for?
BUBBA WATSON: Getting stretched. Most of us get stretched, at least 50 percent of us get stretched in the morning and therapy at night.

Q. For you, what was the greater challenge, the conditions or you're a fast player and you're being slowed down?
BUBBA WATSON: Conditions, by far. I mean obviously the conditions. Obviously Charley Hoffman played better conditions than us. He played the member tee.

Q. He was playing a different course.
BUBBA WATSON: Right, exactly.

Q. How did you adjust to the conditions?
BUBBA WATSON: It was tough. I would say right offhand there was probably three times that I've misjudged the wind. Three‑putt on the first hole doesn't help. And then misjudged the wind with clubs at least three times, could have been four. I remember three in my head.
But, no, it's not really adjusting. You know it's going to be difficult, so it's just guessing right on the putts, if the wind is going to affect the putt. If it's into us‑‑ if it's a crosswind, is it really a crosswind or is it into the wind a yard or two or down and a yard or two? That changes everything on a 180‑yard shot. It makes it tough. It wasn't really adjusting, it was just getting lucky, I guess you'd say.

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