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April 6, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk about 16.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I hit a good 7‑iron in there. I played the last three holes well. Certainly tough conditions and I didn't drive the ball particularly well. I was playing from some difficult locations today. Just driving and some speed putting, and fortunately was holing it.

Q. Just talk about 15.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, very difficult. You think of it as a birdie hole, obviously being a par 5. And unfortunately a still thought of it as a birdie hole today and it really isn't, when you layup. So I didn't take my medicine, and hit it about 15 feet right with a club that takes the spin off. Instead I was stuck in the 15‑is‑a‑birdie‑hole mentality, and kind of bit me a little bit. I struck the shot well, I just hit the wrong club. I struck it very solid, I used a club that would spin instead of one that would maybe take the spin off.
I moved up 10, 15 yards on the next one and I clubbed down and that one just didn't hit the same wind. But you don't have much depth there, and I obviously wasn't going to hit it in the water again. So just went over and from there it's very difficult.

Q. How big is that last putt?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think it's bigger than any other putt. I didn't feel any need or desire more than any other putt. It was a nice save. And certainly a somewhat mid‑range putt I can take with me.
But overall I doubt the scores get much better than a couple under today, and maybe three or four by the end of tomorrow.
So I'm going to probably need to play something under par tomorrow, which puts a little bit extra, added maybe bit of pressure that I wouldn't have put on tomorrow, because I was thinking even par for the two days was a good score. And obviously now 3‑over, I feel like I need to snag something tomorrow. But do it through patience and taking advantage of the par‑5s.

Q. I know you've played the 12th obviously in the practice round. How important was it when you stepped up to that tee block today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Just as important as it was for me to hit it on the green on 4 and 6 and 16.

Q. Nothing going through your mind?
JORDAN SPIETH: Certainly I always have nerves walking to that tee, I always have. It was a tough‑‑ it's tough today because you don't know exactly what the wind is going to do to the ball. I ripped one. I was very surprised at how far it flew and how little the wind affected it. But I think if we hit it three minutes later the ball could have been in a totally different location. So it's just a challenge because you don't know exactly where it's going to land in mid‑air, so that creates nerves walking up to the tee.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: About 98 yards, I think, adjusted to the hole on the first one. And then I went down to about 78 on the second.

Q. Did you find out during your round that Dustin had withdrawn today?
JORDAN SPIETH: I had seen from the board that his name was taken down. Certainly really unfortunate. And as a friend of his and somebody who's played a lot of golf with him, I know this‑‑ it must really, really not be good in order for him not to tee it up. And I certainly wish him well.

Q. Are you aware when you stepped to the 12th tee box, it was almost the reception you got like at the first hole? People were really rooting for you in a way that wasn't the same for other people who came through?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's hard to tell. I hear the gallery as Phil approaches tee boxes, too. And so I never compare or contrast anything, I thought it was just the thing that everybody was doing when they get to the 12th tee. I was a bit surprised at how loud the cheer was when my ball landed about 35 feet away from the hole. But I was relieved to see it down and on the green. And I guess everybody else felt maybe more than I did on it. But it was nice to make a 3 there and then capture 4 at the next. And I really thought we had it going there. And just made a club choice mistake.

Q. How do you decide when to go?
JORDAN SPIETH: I guess fortunately we were waiting on a lot of holes so we felt like we could be patient enough and not be holding anybody up or having slow play. I didn't feel like there was any slow play, even though I waited on shots today‑‑ waited to hit shots longer than normal. Because the play was slower it certainly allowed us the ability to step up when we wanted to.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: Absolutely. And it was pretty much steady. And then you get your coming gusts. I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary from a windy day. It's pretty consistent up in the air. And then you get some gusts down through the trees.
The tough part here is that a lot of it's shielded. And so trusting how much is up there when obviously if you're five yards off on this golf course you could be in a very, very bad location. That's the toughest part.
So we have another day tomorrow. I think I learned a lot about the golf course today and the expectation for where to take advantage and where not to.
And the weekend it looks like there's going to be no wind. It looks something like single digits might win this tournament. And I certainly can post single digit under par at this point‑‑ got three rounds to go.

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