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March 31, 2017

Nick Kyrgios

Miami, Florida

R. FEDERER/N. Kyrgios

7-6, 6-7, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was a classic match, even though I know you're not happy about the ending. Never easy facing a legend, a crowd favorite like that. Did you feel like you were in the lion's den with the world against you? How do you feel you handled the emotions of a great match like that?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I mean, it was a tough match. Obviously played over three hours. Wasn't expecting less, to be honest. He's obviously the crowd favorite anywhere he plays obviously with what he's done for the game.

But I thought I was responding well to the crowd. Obviously serving for the first set. Hadn't been broken in three matches, felt good. But I, mean, I created enough opportunity to win that match. I felt like it was on my racquet most of the time.

He was playing great. Yeah, the crowd was obviously on his side, but I think I have to win a little bit more to start getting them on my side.

Q. Early in the first set you took a couple of his serves charging in to the service line, that sort of sneak attack by Roger thing he used to do. Is that something you're doing playfully or just sending a signal that you're not intimidated or just a spontaneous reaction on your part?
NICK KYRGIOS: Just felt like doing it.

Q. I know it's a frustrating loss tonight, but do you feel the last few weeks' results - obviously had to pull out of Indian Wells - but do you feel you're progressing? Seems that you're quite mature on the court recently.
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I think I've made an effort to try and put in every day. Hasn't been easy. I've got a great team with me. I've got one of my best mates here. Every day we're on the practice court trying to have fun, trying to put in. Got my mom here as well, but I am just trying to put in every day.

My draw was incredibly tough this week I thought. I thought Karlovic third round, I could have lost there. Playing Goffin then Zverev and to Federer, you know, maybe if I played a couple easier rounds I would've felt -- I could have got over the line today. Who knows?

Yeah, I feel like my level of tennis it's always been high, but mentally I'm competing for every point. That's making the difference.

Q. What do you think you showed people, let's say, in Miami who had not seen you play before, people watching on TV, about yourself in that match?
NICK KYRGIOS: I don't know. Probably find something bad honestly.

Q. What do you think you showed?
NICK KYRGIOS: I showed a lot of fight. I thought I competed for every point.

Obviously I'm an emotional guy. I had some ups and up and downs, bit of a roller coaster. Ultimately I think I put in a good performance. I thought the crowd would've enjoyed watching it, people at home would've enjoyed watching it.

As I said, I wouldn't be surprised if they found something bad, though.

Q. Your level of tennis has gone to the next level. Is there an objective you set yourself for the next three, six months, this year, whenever?
NICK KYRGIOS: Just to stay healthy; that's my main goal. Playing a lot through the clay season so I to need to look after my body.

I got Davis Cup next week. That's my focus now. I am not going to think past that at all. We got a big tie against the USA. Obviously Jack is playing unbelievable. John, he's a proven player. They've got a great team.

That's all I'm thinking about at the moment. Just staying injury-free, trying to get better. I felt like my game is there. Just mentally I got to keep putting in every day.

Q. You remind me a lot of Marcelo Rios. He was so talented and so fearless. I have a question for you: Were you always this free to play every point? I mean, do you ever get nervous? I mean, to me it would be great to feel that way. Doesn't matter the score, the opponent, you still do what you believe in doing. Were you always that way?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I feel like I always played a big game and always backed myself under pressure. You know, I like playing aggressive on those big moments. I know that I went after it and gave myself the best opportunity to win the point.

High percentage for me to go big under pressure. Sometimes it comes off and sometimes it doesn't. Yeah, I think I've always played the gamestyle that looks free. I'm only human. I guess nervous. I get tight. At times it doesn't look like it, but of course I feel it.

Q. How did this match remember you to the match in Madrid?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I mean, it was very, very, very similar obviously. We played 6-7, 7-6, 7-6 in Madrid. He's just such a good -- his serve and first shot is I think by far the best on tour. I've played all the Top 4, a lot of the top guys, and his first two shots, it's so hard to do anything against.

You feel like you're making a return, and then he's right on it and hits a winner. You don't get that much rhythm. He's a great player. Yeah, there were similarities. We haven't played a set that hasn't gone 7-6, so, yeah, similarities.

Q. Nick, you were probably the fastest guy between points ever, probably faster than Federer. Obviously quite different now. Is that a specific decision on your part, to take more time? Putting aside the over and everything else. Is that a specific decision to take more time to think about things? What's happening there?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yes. I'm not really doing it consciously. I feel like I'm trying to maybe take a little bit more time, but I think the call was biased as anything. If he were to put a clock -- If I were to stand there with a clock and time every player, I would be calling time violation nearly every match.

So I mean, it's bias an anything, honestly. It is, and you all know it.

Q. Is there anything you feel you need to do now to make the next step? Doesn't seem you're too far away.
NICK KYRGIOS: I got a lot of work to do. I'm 16 in the world. There are 15 players better than me.

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