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March 30, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Humble, Texas

Q. How did it feel out there today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Good, yeah. Felt like I made some committed swings. Felt like my putting was a bit improved off of last week. Felt committed there. Right now it's for commitment, looking up and seeing the ball going where I'm looking. Very challenging. Pretty good. Very challenging when you hit the fairways because you're playing mud on almost every hole, and so my proximity didn't do justice to the way that I felt. I felt a lot better than maybe the results walking up to the green, which left me with not that many chances for birdie.

So, given that, my speed control was solid and 3-under is a good start. Very difficult because there's so much water out here and you've got mud on one side or the other of the golf ball, and it really does affect it by a good 15, 20 yards, even with a mid-iron.

So, bit of a challenge to commit to trusting it, not trusting it. Obviously you can't necessarily trust the mud when you're lining up at the water.

So, just left me out with some long putts on holes. But I feel pretty good about the swings that I put on it.

Q. The conditions, were you surprised they didn't play the ball up?
JORDAN SPIETH: Very. Extremely. There are a lot of times we play the ball up where it's raining or it's really wet and the mud normally shoots off the ball and it's wet mud. This afternoon it was just ideal conditions to gather mud and then dry by the time we got up to the ball. That was about as difficult with mud that I've ever played in, and by the 3rd hole, we knew it was going to be like that.

We actually knew from the morning round guys had come in and said mud balls on every hole. I had heard the sheets were out before the first group to lift, clean and place and at the last minute decided not to. To be honest, it would have made more sense as a player obviously if we did play lift, clean and place. Also for the spectators. There's a lot of shots that went into the crowd today when they were good iron swings. Kind of puts people in danger with pins tucked to the sides of greens. So, I was definitely surprised.

Q. How does your game plan change when you know that's going to be the case?
JORDAN SPIETH: You just have to accept certain shots where you put good swings and not very close to the hole. It's just kind of a level of patience. When you see an 8-under out there, though, you start to wonder how did Rickie necessarily figure it out and why are we only cruising at 1-over through 6. We really needed to be patient. Played the holes that don't gather mud, the 5's and 3's where the 5's, by the time you hit your third shot, it's off. I played those holes 500 today. I feel like I'm striking the ball well and it was really good start. Had to deal with it. I felt like we had a good level of patience.

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