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March 24, 2017

Paul Casey

Austin, Texas

Q. Talk about your group, three wins out of three.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, the vagaries of match play. I got lucky, really, on Wednesday with Joost. Didn't play my best golf and a little bit the same. It was actually some pretty ugly stuff yesterday against Ben An. Part of that was the conditions, part of that was -- well, not sure I can put my finger on it.

Today was really good stellar stuff and it had to be because Charl had played good golf the first two days. Knowing that it was a win-or-go-home situation today, I was happy. To be honest it was probably the best golf I played this season. I felt happy with every club in the bag.

Chucked a lot at him and he responded very well. He chipped in on 11 and he fought back. I played really, really good, so I'm happy with the victory.

Q. (No microphone)?
PAUL CASEY: I don't know, because I've tried to analyze it why. Some of the best golf maybe I ever played was the final match against Shaun Micheel at Wentworth. It's my only 10 and 8 victory. I don't mention it was 36 holes.

I thought about it, and today was great as well. How do I replicate that? Is there a different mindset? Strategically, is there something different? I don't think there is but maybe it's other guy pushing you along. Maybe that's what it is.

Q. The problem is you have the distance control behind you?
PAUL CASEY: I hope so. Especially with what's coming up in a couple of weeks. A lot of changes there. I mean, everything is different in the bag. So golf ball lines, everything. It's been tricky.

This week, I'm just -- I had some difficulty earlier this week. I'm going to put it down to the vagaries of this golf course. And the wind direction has been extremely difficult to pinpoint and nail down. So just write that off to a couple of bad days. Today was much better. Hopefully it's good.

Q. You have your destiny in your own hands now?
PAUL CASEY: Well, I did today and it was nice. For me the mindset doesn't change because today was knockout already. I was pretty determined to treat it that way from the beginning of the week anyway. I was in a situation last year of only having a half a point through two matches and then I got ill and withdrew. I think this format is really good. I think it's great for the fans and the sponsors. If you are a guy who's got no possibility to go through the weekend, it's a tough to be in. I do think it's a good format.

Q. What will you do next week to prepare for Augusta?
PAUL CASEY: I'm not giving away secrets. The beautiful thing about Augusta is I know the shots I need to hit, so it's just the case of working on a few things and a few key shots, some hooky, draw 3 woods for the tee shots on 10, a lot of distance control, speed control with the putter. I spent a lot of time trying to chip into the grain to cope with the very tight lies you get around there. All things I've done in the past. And run through playing a lot of those shots on the range and on the golf course back in Arizona. So no different from what I've done in the past.

Just get healthy. Get some rest as well. Pretty tired. Get some rest because it's always a long week.

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