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March 24, 2017

Bubba Watson

Austin, Texas

Q. Very fine performance over these three days, how tough was it?
BUBBA WATSON: Very tough. Today was a little bit easier. A little wet, though. Today was a tougher match because everybody played really good. Everybody could make more birdies, because of the less wind.

Q. Is this a bomber's course?
BUBBA WATSON: The first three days I guess it was. But we'll see how it works out on the weekend.

Q. How natural a fit is match play to you?
BUBBA WATSON: I really don't like it.

Q. That's very honest. Most guys want to bluff and say I really like it.
BUBBA WATSON: I'd rather have 72 holes to beat you instead of trying to do it in 18. I'd rather do four days where I could have a chance for more birdies to catch up, or you can make a bad swing where it costs your two shots or three shots, instead of just one.

Q. So is the mind game for you, then, just to get out there and get the golf course, or you looking at the guy, trying to dash him into the ground?
BUBBA WATSON: If he gets one in the water or the trees I might play a little safer. But for the most part I'm trying to shoot a score. Today I shot I think 4-under, I halved my match. Yesterday was 7-under when I ended. So that's what I'm trying to do, just play good golf, and hopefully that means I'll win.

Q. Looking forward to Augusta, another chance at another green jacket. How comfortable are you with your game as you head into that?
BUBBA WATSON: I finally got out of the bracket for the first time, so I'm gaining a little bit of confidence. Everything is trending in the right way. Around that place anybody can mess up at any time.

Q. Or do what you've done and hopefully get the Green Jacket?
BUBBA WATSON: Yes, and I'll have that chance every year to try to win another one.

Q. Undefeated Bubba Watson. Not only today, but over the last three days. What do you think you've excelled in here on this golf course?
BUBBA WATSON: The ball-striking has gotten better. Started getting better last week at Bay Hill. And then the putting. Like I've been saying, Jordan Spieth gave me a lesson this week, and it's helped me out.

Q. Wait a minute, Jordan Spieth, Brandt Snedeker and Brooks Koepka all helped you with your putting?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah. It's hard for me not to look at the hole, you know how Jordan does, but I'm learning from the best trying to get better. So far it's working.

Q. Today all you needed was a half to advance. Tomorrow you've got to win to advance. Does anything change for you in this winner-go-home mentality now as you move forward?
A. No, it's my first time getting through the bracket, so I'm happy. No, it will be fun. This is like the old days now, where you win and go home -- or go home if you lose. So it's fun. I'm guaranteed a top 16, so we're good.

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