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March 23, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Austin, Texas

Q. How would you compare yesterday to today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I did better. Yesterday was a little sloppy, but just an off day. Today quite a bit better. Everybody in the field knew it was going to be a very challenging day, and therefore on the golf course your expectations change in the way you play certain holes and spots you play to.

I made a mess of the 13th. Other than that it was, I thought, really solid given the conditions.

Q. You went to school here, you played on this golf course dozens of times. Have you ever played it in more difficult conditions? And if so, did you lean on some of those experiences today?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's about as tough as I think I've ever seen it. I think I played it a couple of times when it gets really cold in the wintertime here. This is tough because of where the pin locations are, the speed of the greens. The fact that the wind makes such an impact while putting. It's very difficult to trust out here.

I couldn't really fall back on much from school. But it was a good, solid step in the right direction. If Ryan wins and I'm back in control of my own destiny starting tomorrow, and that's the position we wanted to get into.

Q. You had to win and you got the job done?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it was a must win. And like you said, it was a tough day to play golf. This was a very difficult golf course today. I thought par would win the majority of matches. And that was kind of the goal today. And if we could get under par then that's a fantastic round of golf. For a while today, we both made a mess of 13, somehow squeaked a tie out with a double.

All in all it was a step in the right direction after an off day yesterday.

Q. I know it was hard to pull clubs, but it was also hard to read greens. I thought the wind was blowing hard enough where it made your lines hard to pick.
JORDAN SPIETH: I had more footage left on my second putts than I maybe ever have had in my life. And my speed was actually pretty good today, so the lines were just that off. You have to plan for some wind, but if it gusts, it can just run with it.

They did a great job, the grounds crew and the Tour staff did a great job with the green speed so that the ball wasn't moving on the greens, and it was still playable, but also difficult.

In match play you're not upset playing in these conditions because obviously you're not worried about a draw. You're not worried about anybody else in the field playing in easier conditions. One-on-one I think the tougher the conditions the better for us. We've always kind of believed that. Kind of hope tomorrow we get a little bit of the same.

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