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March 23, 2017

Bubba Watson

Austin, Texas

BUBBA WATSON: Obviously I'd rather end it early. It's good. For me, like I was saying earlier, I'm so focused on just getting better. If I lose tomorrow, that's fine, I just want my ball position and everything to get back to where I told Steve is normal, where I'm used to hitting, so I can hit the shots that I want to hit.

Golf is a long -- hopefully a long sport for me. So I'm not worried about this week, next week, two weeks. I'm worried about the next five years.

Q. You don't play next week?
BUBBA WATSON: No. We go early to Augusta because Angie, my wife, is allowed to play with me on Sunday. So I'd rather do that. I love Houston, and I love the golf course the way they set it up, but playing golf with my wife at Augusta, and we play with Condoleezza Rice and Lee Styslinger. So it's a fun match we're going to have.

Q. Next Sunday?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, the Drive, Chip and Putt day. So I see the kids first, and then we go play a round at 1:00.

Q. Who is the fourth?
BUBBA WATSON: Another member from Birmingham, Lee Lee Styslinger. Him and Condoleezza Rice are really good friends, and so they always play. And so two years ago we started a match where it's the boys against the girls. We won the last two years. We have trophies and everything. We call it The Sunday Before the Masters Tournament.

Q. Some wicket conditions out there today. Talk about your match a little bit and what you've got to look forward to tomorrow.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, we got lucky. We got out right before this windstorm started coming in. But the back nine is really tough. I think 12 and 13, 14 are going to be some tough holes today, this afternoon. I can't wait to watch on TV. But those are some tough holes and no trees with the wind whipping like it is.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully just keep it rolling, make some putts, and I hit the ball pretty nicely. So I'm looking forward to it. And hopefully I can control what I can control. And that means just playing good golf.

Q. How difficult were things today?
BUBBA WATSON: You know, this morning was the same. It's the back nine where the wind started picking up even more. And so it's getting tough out there. That stretch on the water right there is going to be very fun to watch on TV. Not fun to play, but fun to watch.

Q. You what did you learn from Brandt Snedeker?
BUBBA WATSON: I messed up, it was Brooks Koepka, that really helped me out. But he just told me some things that I needed to do. He changed ball positions. That doesn't mean I'm going to make putts, but I how I'm made putts the last couple of days, so that's good.

Q. This is the probably the quietest lead into the Masters you've had in terms of discussion around you. Are you aware of that? Are you quite happy about that?
BUBBA WATSON: It doesn't matter. No matter what happens. I can still miss the cult at the Masters, I'll still be there the following year. So I'm good.

I'm looking forward to it. I went there a week ago, practiced a couple of days. Comes down to ball-striking. Doesn't matter what your form is. I can win every tournament lead willing up to the Masters, that doesn't mean you're going to play good at the Masters.

I'm looking forward to it and trying to get there and play well.

Q. Has this ball change been an adjustment for you this year?
BUBBA WATSON: No, not at all. The adjustment has been losing about 20 pounds and getting out of whack with ball position, with everything, chipping, putting, driving, irons, everything. And so a light went off last week and we figured it out and I played good on Sunday, worked on it hard this week and we're on the right track right now.

Q. Does fitness drive you hard?
BUBBA WATSON: Every once in a while when you get older, when you have a birthday, you kind of think, I'm a lot older than I used to be, so I need to get in shape. I want to play that Champions Tour, I need to get in shape.

Q. You cut all sugar?
BUBBA WATSON: Cut out sugar?

Q. Your mind, your brain doesn't need sugar.
BUBBA WATSON: I don't know if I have a mind. Everybody says I'm nuts, so I don't know.

No, it's one of those things. I still have sugar, natural sugar, I eat fruit and all those things. I'm just trying to cut out and eat cleaner, get in better shape so I can walk up these hills every once in a while.

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