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March 23, 2017

Paul Casey

Austin, Texas

Q. You got the job done and now you find yourself up against Charl Schwartzel tomorrow in a winner takes all match. Obviously you know his credentials.
PAUL CASEY: I've got to play a bit better than I did today. But I feel happy. The things which had been poor leading into this week, the driver and the putter, were actually the two things that bailed me out today. I couldn't hit a wedge from 100 yards to save my life. It's difficult out here trying to judge the spin and the yardage. We're going to write that off to difficult conditions which they were today. It's fun. It's nice actually now having a match you know the consequences no matter what. This on out, this point onwards is when it really gets fun.

Q. You've had a lot of success in match play. What is your overall strategy?
PAUL CASEY: Play the golf course. Probably imperative, the key to staying sane. That's what I did. I did it real early on. The way I was looking at it, I was a couple under through 7. I was trying to play the golf course. Things seem to be going my way. Boy, was it difficult. One of the more difficult days I've seen on the golf course in a long time.

Q. You have a huge match against Charl Schwartzel tomorrow to win the group. Would you rather see it tough like this or --
PAUL CASEY: It actually doesn't bother me. The thing I've been struggling with has been the driver and the putter and those are the things today that worked. Everything else was a bit squirrelly. I don't mind. Conditions are not going to bother me. I'm actually excited because now we get into the meat of this thing. For me it's straight knockout tomorrow. It's enjoyable. That's what I like and everything is on the line.

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