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March 22, 2017

Paul Casey

Austin, Texas

Q. Just some opening comments about your win?
PAUL CASEY: Happy with today. Really happy with today. I kind of messed up the second hole driving in the hazard. And started going about but started going about the 7th, started rolling some putts in. Felt I had really good control of the golfball. I don't think Joost played his best stuff today. So I got a little bit lucky there, being gifted at least a hole.

But good stuff. Really happy to get through. And just excited because last year was a complete wash out, this tournament. Excited to get rolling.

Q. What was the best hole of the day for you? And don't say the 19th.
PAUL CASEY: Best hole of the day, either the -- I made a great up and down on No. 8. I knocked it in the place you shouldn't, in the back right trap and got an amazing up and down to win the hole.

And then probably just 16. I've not been in the mix -- I say, last year was pretty disappointing and not really felt like I've had any kind of juices going in match play situation for a while. So to be coming off 16 today -- he hit a good shot in there. And to stick it close and make the birdie putt and make it dormie two.

Q. What's the difference about your game this year compared to laster use?
PAUL CASEY: I'm healthy. I'm not sick. What else? I'm putting better, which is good. I'm not sure the ball-striking is where it usually is for me, you but I feel I'm putting really well. I'm putting as good as I was back end of last year, when I started the FedExCup where I had some pretty good results.

So I think from this point on it's -- we don't know what happens this week or even in a couple weeks time or after that, but I feel in a really good place. And I feel like I'm right on the cusp of playing some really good stuff.

Q. You're heading out to the range to work on your wedges?
PAUL CASEY: Just struggled. I hit a lot of half wedges around here, just trying to keep the ball -- knock the spin off a little bit and keep it out of the wind. And just misjudging go the distance. Somewhere short. Somewhere long, just inconsistent, which is not like me. This is normally a strong part of my game, distance control.

It's difficult with the wind and the way it swirls. And maybe we got some of the angles a little bit wrong. But it just needs to be tidied up.

Q. Did you learn more about your opponent than in 18 holes of match play?
PAUL CASEY: Nothing new. I already know Joost. I've played enough golf with him. He did accuse me of gamesmanship wearing orange pants and trying to psych him out. So he showed his dry sense of humor.

Q. And were you?
PAUL CASEY: I hadn't thought about it. If I had, I would have had some South Korean pants and some South African pants coming up, but I don't. So I'm lost.

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