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February 4, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. Pretty solid. Were you pleased?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, you know, I hit the ball incredibly well yesterday, and then I got on the range today and it was a little out of sync, like an alignment or something issue. Driver got off on the front 9. I was kind of trying to just guide the ball today, which happens sometimes.

Rolled in a couple of putts. All in all, I call it, you know, relatively average. I did capitalize on a few opportunities and got out of trouble, but missed a couple of shorter putts. All in all, going to need a really long one tomorrow to make a move.

Q. It's out there, don't you think?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, definitely. We have had beautiful weather. The course is in pristine condition. If you're driving the ball on the fairway, you definitely can get close to these holes or at least get yourself below them with a good chance.

I played with John Peterson today. Saw a low score with just hitting it point A to point B and driving the ball well. That's what it takes.

It is a pure golf course. It's a lot of fun playing here. Hopefully we can make some noise tomorrow.

Q. For our listeners, the atmosphere, can you describe it? I mean, The Colosseum is one thing. 18 was pretty zany, too.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, they do it well here. I mean, the golf course is just designed for the ability to do kind of the grandstands the way they are, and yeah, it's unlike anything else that we play in.

It can be more nerve-wracking even if you're not -- I mean, today I'm probably 6, 7 shots out of the lead coming into the last few holes. You're still feeling the nerves. You're not used to having a building up around you like a stadium. Especially 16. But it's a really, really cool opportunity to have here. I do like coming here.

Q. Lastly, you feel maybe like a basketball or football player with this atmosphere, right? Kind of gets you emotionally charged?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, a bit. And in golf, fans can get closer to you than any other sport, too. You get obviously not the amount of fans in one location that you do in a major NFL or NBA game, but the fact that they are closer to you, it makes you feel like they are just right on top of you.

I mean, the hole's a pretty easy hole. If there were no grandstands in play, I think a good half a stroke easier. It makes a difference for the field here. It just pumps up your nerves a little bit and you have to try and control the adrenaline.

It's a fun hole. We like having that ability.

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