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November 23, 2016

Dana Altman

Jordan Bell

Tyler Dorsey

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Oregon - 79, UConn - 69

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the players.

Q. Tyler, you've been waiting for a game like that. Feel like the start of the year you've been building up to have a game like that?
TYLER DORSEY: No, at the end of the day I just want to win. I was looking forward to the win. It was a win for us. And we got it done, and we jumped out on them fast at the beginning of the game, and we held them throughout the game.

They made runs and we made runs but it came down to our defensive stops at the end.

Q. Jordan, can you talk about those first five minutes you guys came out and I think made your first eight shots, and for the last game here did you feel like you guys had some energy coming out?
JORDAN BELL: Today definitely I thought we started off really good. Got the ball movement. That's what I think we really needed to do as a team, get easy shots and get everybody involved. So the first five minutes we just really passed the ball around a lot. Everybody made open shots.

Q. Boucher's impact, how did he impact the game inside and out for you guys to control the boards and score your baskets?
JORDAN BELL: Chris helps us out a lot of offensively. And defensively he had three blocks. He's such a mismatch, when they had No. 35 guarding him, he wouldn't stay inside and block shots. Chris stepped out and Dylan and Casey, our guards, got him really good open shots.

Q. Can you talk about what you take from seeing you guys three days in a row playing and then how you feel like you've come out of this week?
JORDAN BELL: I think obviously we still have a lot of stuff we need to work on offensively and defensively. But I think we took a step. I think every game we got a little better. The stuff we needed to work on today, we needed to move the ball. I think we did a really good job of that.

TYLER DORSEY: Definitely. We can take a lot back from today's game and how we played. And there's more keeping up the pace. And we're putting our foot on them, not letting them come back and working those things.

Q. I know you have known Vance Jackson a long time. Have you had an opportunity to see him here, talk to him, a feel for where he's at, where his game's at right now?
JORDAN BELL: Vance, I've known him since growing up. He was always a great shooter and can get to the rim. As you can see he can still knock it down. But I grew up with him and I've been doing this for years and still close with him.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach.

Q. Did you go into the game wanting to give Chris more looks on the side or did opportunities just happen to open up in the game?
COACH ALTMAN: Yeah, they just happened to open up. Our biggest thing offensively today, we just wanted to get some ball movement. The ball movement we've had this season's not been good. And so we went in with just a couple of things to make four or five passes before we looked for some shots.

And it got our guys moving and freed us up a little bit I thought. And we had some penetration kicks for some good 3s and Tyler hit, it was good to see him get some buckets down.

And we had 18 assists, which was a big improvement over the tournament. So I like their ball movement much better, especially to start the game.

We got a little stagnant there at the end of the first half and then our defense, down the stretch, we didn't do a good job on the tendencies, they kind of took it where they wanted.

And our defense wasn't very good down the stretch. But we needed to find a way to win and now we need to get home. We've got home games now in December. And we've got to get home and get to work and get a lot of things ironed out.

Q. This time of year your most complete game you've played to date so far and what do you think attributed to that?
COACH ALTMAN: I thought we played really good against Valpo after the Baylor loss. But I just thought our energy level today was much better because of the ball movement and getting some shots down. Guys still get that energy from seeing the ball go through the hole and it's human nature, and as coaches we try to get them to fight that.

But our energy was pretty good. And their energy picked up when they started scoring some easy ones.

Q. Tyler seems to be in a little bit of a slump going into today's game, what's different about him today just execution wise and form?
COACH ALTMAN: I thought his footwork was really good today. He was stepping in on his 3s. He's been pressing. He's been hunting shots and just getting off balance ones and ones that weren't in rhythm.

And I thought he got a couple of really good penetration kicks. And then we ran a play for him against the zone and he got his third one down. And I thought that really helped him get his head up.

Q. Do you think from getting a chance to see your guys kind of 125 minutes over three days give you kind of an evaluation maybe you wouldn't normally get with a couple of days in between with nonconference games?
COACH ALTMAN: Yeah, three athletic teams and gave us an idea of all the things that we need to work on. And our guys know that. They know they're not playing like they're capable, especially the vets.

And the new guys, we've got to get Kavell more involved and we've got to get Keith more involved. So getting back and getting them on the floor is going to be really important.

Those two guys a big part of what we want to do and they're both a little dejected now and down. They didn't play much. But they'll have to step up and become a bigger part of our rotation.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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