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October 28, 2016

Paul Casey

Shanghai, China

Q. That was some finish, wasn't it?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it was great. Played it exactly how I wanted to. Maybe a little bit lower than I anticipated, but it landed spot on the number.

You know, it was very tricky out there, so a lot of half-shots, a lot of what you just saw on 18, taking a club extra, or maybe two extra, and hitting half-shots and trying to take the spin off it, and most importantly, control the trajectory. It was a very, very blustery day.

Q. Remarkable turnaround in the weather conditions, isn't it, really, on a course presumably that's playing not entirely but somewhat different to the first day.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, different. Certainly that wind was strong. Yesterday was in a cloud, and today was just up in the clouds and windy and who knows what the rest of the week holds for us.

Hopefully, it would be really nice, if we could get a break for us, not just for us but for the crowds, as well. We get great crowds out here in Shanghai every year, and we'd love for it to be a nice, warm day for them.

Q. You've been coming here countless times, what with -- I know it was a different city, but being a Volvo China Open champion in the past, are you noticing the change in Chinese golf?
PAUL CASEY: I am. You know, and obviously we have all read about sort of recent efforts to sort of quell the kind of growth of the game.

I think it's strong. You can probably hear what's going on behind me; everyone wants Rickie Fowler's autograph. There's a passion for it here. I've loved coming here, and their knowledge of it has certainly grown through the years. We've seen that in the performances on the golf course and just the Pro-Ams; we're playing with better players. It's an easy barometer right there. And it's fun.

You look at, I've won tournaments in Hainan Island and Shenzhen. It would be nice to add a Shanghai title, as well, to the repertoire.

Q. Do you still have your golden jacket?
PAUL CASEY: I do have my golden jacket, yeah (laughs). I've still got the golden jacket. Yeah, I do. I don't wear it much. (Laughter).

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