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September 25, 2016

Phil Mickelson

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Looks like you worked things out with the driver?
PHIL MICKELSON: Yeah, I'm really excited about it. I got a little bit of pop back on it. I was able to hit stock cuts into the fairway, and my iron play is really sharp, and the back nine was -- I actually played really well this week. I made a lot of big numbers, but I made a lot of birdies and hit a lot of good shots.

After the first day, or first 27 holes of poor driving, I drove it pretty well.

Q. 66 with a triple, so pretty good.
PHIL MICKELSON: But this is a good example -- I'm going to point something out. This is a great example of the disconnect that we have on the U.S. side because the Tour doesn't own the Ryder Cup, let's say, or doesn't work in conjunction with the PGA of America.

The European Tour would never have the setup be so different the week before the Ryder Cup. If we were in Europe and they were going to set up the course a certain way, the week before they would set it up a certain way. We're not going to have rough like that -- this is the worst rough I've seen in years. We're not going to have that rough next week. Why the Tour set it up so differently from what we're going to have next week is a lack of communication and working together. It's those kinds of details that we have to sort through as a unit to bring out our best.

Q. Anything that -- I mean, at this point, can anybody do anything to alter Davis' last pick? Do you think it's still up in the air?
PHIL MICKELSON: I don't know. I think there's probably four or five guys you can't go wrong with. I think the 11 guys that are on the team right now are really a strong representation for the United States, a strong group of players that complement each other, work well together, and have a good game plan together, and that 12th guy is going to complement that team.

It's not so much who the best player is -- we might have -- this might be something we look at later next year, I don't know. It might have been a mistake to wait this long for the final pick, probably. It's kind of hard to get all the game plans and so forth in sync when the team is not quite finalized, but those are all little details. We wanted to make sure we got everybody that was playing their best.

Q. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
PHIL MICKELSON: Sure. That's why you review things. Either way, that 12th guy is going to just complement who's on the team, and I think that's what Davis and his vice captains are looking at, and there are four or five guys that do that.

Q. So what do you think is the greatest challenge for you and the U.S. team heading into this weekend?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, we're -- I don't know if I could answer with the biggest challenge. I think that we have a great opportunity. I think it's a great opportunity for us to do something special. We have been given, the first time in 20 years that I've been involved in the Ryder Cup, actual input, actual say, kind of ownership, if you will, of the Ryder Cup. And all the players feel like they're involved and listened to. All the vice captains have great input.

This is the best we've been able to work together as a team because everybody's input has been valued, and Davis has done a great job as kind of the head of us, unifying and getting everybody together.

So we're going to be put in a position to succeed as we head into the Ryder Cup. It's a great opportunity for us to play our best golf in an event we have not done that, and I think everybody's excited for the opportunity.

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