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September 25, 2016

Jordan Spieth

Atlanta, Georgia

JORDAN SPIETH: Summarize the season? Is that where we're going? You guys have asked me that every week.

This tournament, a little bummed to not have given anything a chance now it looks like, if I'd won, D.J., in fact, at least at the present moment, is far enough down where I could have captured the Cup.

But just the last two days kind of got me. I feel really good off of what I found today. Wedge play was much better. I drove the ball -- hit the ball really solid off the tee, and my putting felt more comfortable than the last two days. Mid iron, long iron play, I'm going to really need to beat some balls on the range next week to make sure that's ready for potentially 36-hole days. So that needs to get better.

All in all, today was a solid day mentally for me, grabbing some improvements from what I was looking at the last two days.

Q. Mid and long irons, is that what you think is most important?
JORDAN SPIETH: They're certainly important there. I just mean in general in order to get all parts of my game there. The wedge play and around the green shots were better today and driving the ball.

So mid and long iron play, yeah, there's a lot of those at Hazeltine. So the fact that that's where I need work, I need a little extra work to make sure that's almost the most confident part of my game next week.

So I've got some work to do over the next few days. I feel 100 percent ready to put in as many hours as I need to. I won't be worn out until after, and I'll give it all.

Q. When you look at your last pairing with Patrick Reed, why do you think it worked so well?
JORDAN SPIETH: Honestly, today we would have been 5 or 6 under through nine. Even though we were both even, 1 under, we ham and egg it so well. We birdied the same hole a few times today. But it would be hard to find a two-person match play best ball that would have beaten us today, and we finished down the pack a little ways.

We would have shot 8 or 9 under or so on this course. I don't know. Maybe it's because we just want to beat each other. Maybe it's because we both feel like we're good match play players and we can feed off of each other's games. We both believe in each other on the greens, which is really important in a best ball scenario and an alternate shot scenario. If you feel like the pressure's off on getting proximity as close as you may feel for yourself, it relieves a lot of the tee to green pressure when you know you have a good putter beside you.

I feel Patrick wants that putt. He's a guy that wants that 8-footer to win the Ryder Cup. He'll embrace it. Like right now, if you said you guys could either win the Ryder Cup by 5 points, lose it by 5 points, or you have an 8-footer to win, that's the scenario he chooses. That's the guy I want on my side. And he feels the same way.

I'm not sure what we're going to do. I would imagine we'll see that pairing of me and Patrick at least a couple rounds, hopefully more.

Q. What would winning the Ryder Cup mean to you and the team?
JORDAN SPIETH: It would be something in golf I haven't accomplished yet, which is extremely significant. I believe we'll get one, but I want this one. There's been banter back and forth. I'm not going to take part in any of that. I don't think it's even good banter, to be honest with you.

So we'll go out. We'll figure out who this last pick is. I'll give any input Davis wants, from what I'm thinking, and we'll then get our potential matchups, and we'll get our practice in next week.

I believe our team is certainly good enough to win. We've got to go about our business the right way next week in preparation to even have a chance. So we believe that we can do it, but we believe we've got to prepare the right way.

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